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I am in good spirits and excited to share this updo that’s one week now (two more to go). FULANI braids y’all!! This hairstyle has been trending for a while and I had to try them as well. It’s not as new as most of us think as it originated from the traditional west African ladies of the Fulani tribe who have rocked it for ages with their natural hair.  The beads are a key aspect that accentuate the look and therefore the more the merrier.  Some of you saw this pic on my instagram page and requested a post on it so here we go ladies ?????…


Where did I have them done? 

So after sharing my faux locs experience, you guys were happy and most of you decided to hit up the lady Triza (0791 840680) and had them done as well. (By the way Triza doesn’t do them herself but has some ladies who do it).  So she got so many referals that she asked me to go for a free hair appointment the next time I wanted to do my hair.  Who doesn’t like free things??. So three weeks after undoing the faux locs,  I went back to her with lots of screenshots on Fulani braids and she got someone to do it for free. Thanks you guys ???. All I did was buy the braids.

How many braids did I use? 

So I had bought five packs of the Short Pamoja Braids. However, the salonist thought short braids wouldn’t look as good so my five packs were used to do the braids at the back and joined at the end to make them long.  Sigh.

For the cornrows I had to buy two long braids.  I used the brand “Vox” which gladly are not as itchy as most braids these days.

How long did it take to plait? 

Let’s just say there was a complication and it took as long as 5 and a half hours!!!  (I was pissed) Anyways, I think this updo should take around 2-3 hours especially if working with long braids.

Pre-plaiting preparations? 

A night before the day of plaiting I washed my hair with the Sheth Naturals Shampoo Bar the deep conditioned overnight with the Olive Deep Conditioner.

On the D-day, I rinsed my hair then applied the Saru Organics leave-in conditioner which I had just received from Saru Organics.  This leave-in conditioner smells minty (I loooove mint)  and I loved how moisturised my hair felt after applying it.

So unfortunately this time round I had to blow-dry my hair for the salon Lady to have an easy time doing the cornrows.  (Sigh).  That’s why I had to deep condition beforehand just because a heat attack was on its way.  ?

Any challenges so far? 

If you are not used to hair running down your face or cheeks, it can take some time to adjust to the braids at the side.

Long braids can also be a challenge if you are not used to the weight.

Care and maintenance? 

I am using the Kentaste Coconut Oil on my scalp only.  I tried to sleep with my satin bonnet but since the braids are heavy therefore it expanded.  So honestly, I either tie a satin scarf and pray it will still be on in the morning ?? or,  I just wear stockings over my head like good old days ?.


I am yet to experiment but so far I either tie a bun or leave the braids loose.  But you can do the pussycat buns.  They look amazing.

I hope the post has been helpful. Don’t hesitate to try the Fulani braids as well.  Girls that slaaaay together,…..

Love and love,

Just Margie


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