I have craved a protective style for the longest time ever. The last time I did one was in March just before my traditional wedding. I have since coloured my hair again and I thought it wise to give it some time before embarking on my next protective style so that I could regularly deep condition. It’s no surprise that passion twists would come to mind because they have been trending for quite some time. I learnt about them last year, same time i was researching about spring twists but they hadn’t gained popularity in Kenya as such. This year, passion twists were on my bucket list and I’m finally ready to spill the tea about them.

Watch how we did them here

My stylist was @done_by_nans who is a mobile natural hair stylist. She is super professional as she keeps time and understands the do’s and don’ts of natural hair. Thankfully, I didn’t have to straighten my hair. I had just done a braid out and therefore my hair was fairly stretched. I did a protein treatment before to also strengthen and moisturise my hair intensely before installing the protective style.

Time taken:

It took three hours to do the passion twists. She braided my hair all around before crocheting the middle part with pre-made braids.

Braid and Costs involved.

For some reason, passion twists are still a little bit costly. However, she charged me a total of Kshs 4000 which was inclusive of the braids and at the comfort of my home. She came with the braid already made and ready for crochet. We used two packs of the braid ‘Shera Pop‘ by the brand Angels.

Care and maintenance.

So far, passion twists are low maintenance. I sleep on a satin pillow case and/or in a satin bonnet, or I tie my hair up using the pineapple method. To freshen them up, I use the Design Essentials Mousse weekly which is a great moisturiser. Every day I spray the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Braids Refresher to refresh them and keep them moisturised.  I also use the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-itch Scalp Soother for my scalp. Once in a while, I use the Black castor Eco styler gel for my edges.

What I love about them:

Passion twists are a beautiful protective style.  They are a little bit rough; rougher than spring twists and I totally love the rugged look. Whether long or short, coloured or black, you will definitely turn heads around with passion twists.

Just like spring twists, passion twists are super light and hence very gentle for your hairline. There is nothing I enjoy more than a light weight protective style; no head-aches, no neck-aches!They make life bearable and enjoyable.

Secondly, the older they stay the better they look. You definitely want a style that will give you great service.

I also love the fact that i didn’t take so much time having them installed. This could be attributed to the fact that the middle part was crocheted. Who wants to spend the whole day at the salon? Noone!

They are also easy to style since they are light and airy. You can have them hanging freestyle, tie a messy bun, or create a sophisticated updo like I did here. Either way, passion twists will not give you a hard time to style.

Have you tried passion twists? What did you like about them? If you haven’t, would you try them? let me know in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Margie


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