Just Margie- What is in your hair spray bottle?

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Happy Madaraka Day loves 😉 I must say that a holiday in between the week should be the norm. I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated even though I wish the holiday was longer. *sigh*. Anyway, my previous post on my hair regimen elicited numerous responses and some of you requested that I should indicate where I got the products and the price. I have edited the post and you can now read it here. 🙂 Let’s talk about hair spray bottles today, shall we?

When I started my natural hair journey, I had no idea that spray bottles were essentials in the maintenance and care of my natural tresses. The concept was very new to me. I stumbled upon the idea after embarking on research on natural hair care. I later found out that Hair spray bottles  are handy because they simplify the method of infusing moisture and relevant oils to your hair. I have always owned one and if you don’t, join the bandwagon 😉 So what is in your hair spray bottle?

In my spray bottle is a mixture of water, leave-in conditioner, coconut oil and olive/castor oil.

Water is, of course, the moisturizer. We need to moisturize our hair on a daily basis to prevent breakage caused by dryness.

I also use coconut because this is the oil penetrates the hair strand for a healthy strand result. Coconut oil is also perfect for your scalp.

Castor Oil/Olive oil: the heaviness of these two oils enable them to act as sealants. They seal the moisture hence preventing evaporation. You can use either or both the oils in the spray bottle.

Leave-in conditioner: Because of maximum heat exposure during the day due to the Sun, your hair may be dry and weak since the cuticles open up in response. It is therefore prone to damage. Leave-in conditioner will keep the hair sealed and give it that extra pump of moisture it needs. It is also perfect for detangling your hair strands before setting your desired style.

So after you have the contents ready, the spray bottle comes in handy since every morning you will simply spray the liquid into your hair strands and then rub the sprayed liquid against the strands. This way your hair gets the appropriate content all in a flush. 😉 It is also handy when you need the above products infused into the strand as you make your bantu knots, twist outs etc. A spray bottle simply makes it super easy.

I hope you are now motivated to buy your spray bottle and splash in the relevant contents. 😉 I bought mine from Ebrahims Supermarket on Moi Avenue, Nairobi. You can also get one at Best Lady’s Beauty Shop along Moi avenue. I would love to hear about the contents of your spray bottle so please do share what you currently put in your hair spray bottle in the comment section. 😉

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Just Margie- What is in your hair spray bottle?

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