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Many of us would like to pull off some styles but our hair volume discourages us. Though you might not have the volume, I am here to tell you that you can actually pull off those styles with this simple hack! Remember this wig I made here and everyone thought I had coloured my hair? That wig has really come through especially when I just don’t have time to make my hair and when I want my hair to look voluminous.

Watch Full tutorial here


For the first look above, I first did a side part before laying my hair down with my Eco Styler gel. The next step is just to attach the wig leaving out the front part using bobby pins. And voila! This will literally take you less than five minutes.




For the second look above, I added two flat twists at the front section to give the look a twist! (pun intended, lol). Once I did the two flat twists, I pinned the ends at the back then added the wig and secure it with pins. That’s all. Simple, right? There is a mini-tutorial on this second look on my instagram account here so check it out.

The two styles are pretty simple and I would advise that you DIY the afro wig. It will save you a lot of money and time!

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Love, Margie

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