The importance of wedding hair accessories on your wedding day cannot be underestimated. They set the mood and theme a notch higher and therefore you need to be careful when settling on your accessories for the big day. A number of things that you should consider when choosing your bridal accessories include: your wedding gown, the theme of your wedding, the hairstyle that you will choose, whether or not you are going to wear a veil, and what kind of jewelry are you wearing. Having been on the bridal line up recently and I had to do some research on bridal accessories. I got three that I have been using for sometime and it is safe to say that this post applies to the brides-to-be as well as a bridesmaid looking to glam up their hair with some accessories.

  1. The Vintage-inspired Fascinator

This white fascinator is ideal for a bride whose theme is vintage and if chosen in white, then it’s ideal for the dress to be white as well. I can also envision it being appropriate for a beach wedding. What do you think? This accessory works well with a bun whether high or low. It looks good when the hair is held up rather than when it’s let loose. I got it from a shop along Dubois Road Opposite Perida Centre (0722366692).

2. The Beaded Flower Bridal Hair Comb

This is one of the most common accessories that I have come across. It never occured to me how beautiful it could look till I tried it on. It is minimal and fits perfectly with both buns and twist outs as you can tuck the comb right where you want it. It works best accenting an updo in the back or side of the head but feel free to play around with it.

3. The Gold Hairband/Tiara

Last year around October, I was desperately looking for a gold headband that is minimal but one that could sit around my head. I had a clear picture of what I wanted but it was not easy finding this piece. I strolled from shop to shop around Dubois Street in Nairobi and just as I was about to give up, I found it at a hidden stall. You can’t believe how happy I was! This gold coated piece is classic for both brides and bridesmaids and if you follow me on instagram, then you probably saw how I slayed at my cousin’s wedding. If you go for the gold hairband, then you probably have to settle for gold accessories. It also doubles up as a tiara and therefore can sit well on the forehead. You can also opt for silver depending on the theme of your wedding and your accessories. If interested, contact 0713702076 , a shop based along Dubois Rd.


I sincerely hope that this post has inspired a bride-to-be or a bridesmaids or even a girl envisioning her wedding look 😉 I believe that the accessories also apply to ladies with relaxed hair and therefore don’t hesistate to try them out if you have relaxed hair. What do you think about these accessories? I can’t wait to try on different accessories and share with you guys. As usual, thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment below 😉

Love and light,



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