Metallic Afro PiCk for 4c/b hair-Must Have: By Just Margie

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I have recently rekindled my love for the two foreign languages I have learnt over the past 6 years; i.e. French and Chinese. So don’t be shocked when I throw in a few words in this post and subsequent posts 🙂 I hope you are keeping warm and healthy; I have been down with a cold & tonsillitis but battling the same with medicine and warm healthy meals. So today I am going to tell you why you should invest in a metallic Afro pick comb if you have 4c/4b hair, especially if you love doing twist outs and bantu knots. This comb is a life saver ;-).. or maybe just a look-changer? Hihihi…anyway, this is a must have and I will tell you why….

Just Margie: The metallic afro pick for 4c/b hair-must haveParting sections

The Metallic Afro pick is a good comb to use for parting well-defined sections for your detangled hair. I emphasize that this is good if your hair is already detangled because that way, there is minimal or no hair loss. (You can watch how I detangle my natural hair here). If you are braiding and you want to accurately part sections of your hair, the Afro pick would perfect to ensure the strands are in line. For our natural tangled up hair, I would not advise you to use the metallic Afro pick to part your sections simply because, this might result in a lot of hair loss.

Fluffing your fro

Now if you are a fan of twist outs and Bantu knots like I am, the Afro pick is God-sent to you my dear. After unraveling your twist outs , three strand twists and bantu knots, there is always the need to make the fro have life and still maintain the curl patterns. I use to wonder why my twist outs/knots looked a bit “lifeless till I discovered what the secret was: The Metallic Afro Pick!! Seriously, this will turn around that look. All you do is “pick” your fro from the roots but not all the way to the end. This will add volume and also help conceal the sections you had parted when doing the up-dos.  Lucky you, I have a video on how you can turn that twist out/bantu knots around by giving the fro volume using the Afro pick comb. Please watch it and remember to subscribe to my channel 😉

The Metallic Afro Pik for 4c/b hair-must have

Caution : Since the comb is metallic, be very gentle with your scalp when parting the sections or picking the fro. You don’t want to injure your scalp. To better protect your scalp, you can dip the comb into coconut oil before using.

I hope you get to add this super affordable item to your hair collection. I got mine for less than K.shs. 200 from Super Cosmetics, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi. You can go for the long spikes or short spikes as I did. For fluffing your fro, the longer the spikes, the better.

Till next time,

Pick fros, not fights. 😉 😉 😉

Bisouxx, Margie

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