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I must say; I have been in deep thoughts lately about how to revamp my blog and keep it engaging, how to live a happy life, how to say no when I need to (I tend to be timid about this sometimes), and about life generally. For a while I have been thinking of doing the Taking Stock Series not only to help me re-evaluate some decisions I make monthly, but also to let you guys in on what goes on in my life other than natural hair chronicles. I hope we get to engage through this series and learn a tad from each other. It will be running on the blog every first week of the month. So ladies and gentlemen (drum rolls), here goes Taking Stock One by Margie Muga 😉

READING: For my Kenya School of Law Oral Exams. A lot of pressure comes with the study of law and the oral examination settings doesn’t make it easier. What happens is that, on the designated date, you meet a panel that will question you on any area of law including current affairs. Yikes!

TAKING: One day at a time.

EATING: So much!! I can’t just helping eating bits of things here and there when am reading for exams. I tend to eat unhealthy during such periods and miraculously lose some weight at the same time!

DRINKING: Lots of lemon tea and green tea. I realized they are just perfect when trying to cure a cold. Green tea has also been magical to my skin.

THANKING: God for the very many blessings in my life. I just realized that my blog has grown at a tremendous rate within the two months I have been sharing hair tips. I have been able to garner 4000-5000 unique visitors monthly and close to 122,000 hits last month. My instagram fam has also been super supportive 😉 I honestly have you guys to thank for the tremendous support.

OBSESSED: with my red poncho and white poncho that I got from Kendra Fashion House. I know you have noticed that they keep featuring in my posts and that’s because I wore them for my very first shoot for the blog. Their elegance, versatility and texture is just so addicting. I must say, you will still get to see more of them; maybe the full look next time. 🙂

LEARNING: More tips on proper video editing. I challenged myself not to outsource this for a while due to financial constraints and I have learnt (still learning) a great deal of things. My YouTube videos will get better with time. Do remember to subscribe and give me feedback?

WATCHING: Suits, Season 6 and lots of Baby Daddy. I love love watching series as opposed to movies and when I start watching, I just cannot stop

REKINDLING: the love I had for the two foreign languages I have learnt over the past six years i.e. French and Chinese. I don’t know why I lost interest last year in both languages but the love is definitely back. I am watching videos and reading my books to refresh my memory on both. These two languages have opened a number of doors for me and I thank God for granting me the opportunity to learn them while I could.

VALUING: Myself more and more. I have gotten to a place where I have embraced who I am. I have also realized that I should value myself and congratulate myself more often for the hard work I put in in the various arenas of my life, including the blog (so far). Never allow anyone to devalue you.

ACCEPTING: the fact that it is okay to say “No” when you need to.

WASTING: no time on things that don’t add value to my life and negative energy.

ENJOYING: the learning process towards successful hair and beauty blogging by watching many inspiring YouTube videos.

PREPARING: exciting blog content for the next few months

SMELLING: my Marini Curling Cream. I just can’t get over how these products smell sooooo freaking good. You should really try them out if you haven’t.

WONDERING: if you watched my latest YouTube Video?

HUMMING: French Kids’ Songs I have been teaching all week. (I do teach kids French)

WEARING: casual clothes for a change. I am so glad that I get to wear jeans all through the week!! It’s exciting. One of the regulations at the Kenya School of Law is that all students must be in official attire in certain set colours. This is one of the things that depressed me when I was starting the program but with time I have gotten used to the idea and found a way to make it work. For now, we are on a break for the oral exams preparations and it has been so relieving and thrilling to be slipping into my jeans, hoodies and beanie hats.

FEELING: Like I need to work harder to achieve my set goals for the year.

Thank you so much for reading and I wish you a warm day 😉 Is it me or has it been reaallly cold in Nairobi lately?

Till next time,

Love, Margie.


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