Spring Twists have been trending for a while and even though I was looking forward to try them, it has been difficult  to get someone who could do them well and at an affordable cost. After researching on Natural Hair Online platforms, I finally found someone to install them at a price I could afford: Nutty Princess. Not only is she professional when it comes to Time and overall interaction, she is neat and fast as well.  However,  she only does house calls. Before installation, I washed my hair using Tres Semme Naturals then moisturised my hair using Mosara Moisture Milk as I stretched my hair using twists. If you are still hesitant about installing spring twists , here are five reasons why you should join in the spring twists bandwagon:

Hair Stylist : Nutty Princess 

Braid Used: Ceres by Sistar 

Photography by Shem Obara 

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