My love for floral print has grown this year.  I guess it’s because flowers generally tend brighten up and give colour to life? We all need sunshine and colour in our lives and why not start with your outfit.  When feeling low,  cheer yourself up, wear something nice and colourful and hit the streets smiling.

Appreciate the little things in life,  the little achievements,  the single step t9o the right direction. Take time to be thankful and not to be too hard on yourself .

Later on,  go back to the drawing board and see where you can do better, be better. Or re-strategize on the way forward,  change the plan a little bit, because change is constant.

All in all,  hit the streets with color and feel the winds blow,  feel the sun, ☀,  feel the breeze, feel the positive energy.  Nairobi is one of the most peaceful places on a Sunday.  A walk in town can put things into perspective.  Try it someday.


Photography by Kenyan Story

Floral Body suit : Curvy Collections

Jeans : My Sister’s ( we love sisters, right??)

Floral Heels : Style Loft Kenya


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