It can be extremely difficult to style your hair after washing it especially if you don’t have time! I recently had to wash my hair because midweek because I felt it was a little bit dirty to take me to the end of the week.  Whenever this happens,  I usually opt to to tie it up in a puff using minimal products and this saves time for me.  So if you want to know how to do the same then this blog post is for you 😉

First, since this was an unplanned quick wash, I used Saru Organics Shampoo to cleanse my hair which has bentonite clay as an active ingredient. My hair loves bentonite clay; it makes it soft, curly and bouncy. I then dry my hair using an old t-shirt but leave it a bit damp for this hairstyle.

Then I went ahead to apply the Saru Organics Leave in conditioner on damp hair for that extra boost of moisture throughout the day. For the additional luster, sheen and softness, I applied the Shea Solutions Light Finishing Oil which is very moisturizing as well.


I finished up with the Shea solutions Curl Defining gel to lay my hair and get a neat finish.  This gel is very moisturizing and if you want to see how you can get neat curls using it, check out this video here. And no, it does NOT flake.


After brushing my hair up,  I used my elastic band to hold the hair up in a puff. Ensure your band is not too tight because that might cause a headache. You can also use an afro pick comb to gently lift the puff so that it has more volume.

And that’s it guys. 🙂 That’s how you will find my hair styled most of the time after a quick wash.  How do you style your hair when rocking a wash and go? I would like to hear from you so please leave your comment down below.

Lots of love and keep warm.



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