As a lover of African Prints, it was inevitable that I would fall in love with this pink print fabric the minute I saw it. I got this fabric while in Namanga early this year in preparation for my friend’s Ayie Ceremony. In a nutshell, Ayie is basically one of the traditional ceremonies in the Luo Culture where the groom-to-be accompanied by his family and friends (all male) visit the girl’s home to ask for her hand in marriage. This request is made to the most special person of this ceremony, i.e. the girl’s mother. She has to “yie” which means “to accept” and when she does so, the groom-to-be is now given the go-ahead to bring the dowry in a separate function called the “nyombo“. As I write this, this is yet to happen in my relationship but I definitely look forward to how this will go. I’d love to know how you do it in your culture, mind sharing? 

So I made this particular dress for Anita’s Ayie and other than the fact that it’s a bit ill-fitting around the tummy, I love the design as well as the prints. The print is bold yet vibrant and it’s safe to say that it sets me in such a vibrant mood! I also matched it with my pink heels just to keep the colour going and kept the accessories minimal but bold as well. A simple double loop from Own Your Culture with my gold bracelet from Dubois Rd did it for me! The 3ina Lippie was also a good blend. What do you think?

Thank you for taking time to read this and as usual, let’s link up on instagram for more conversations.

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