Quick Natural Hair Updo: Flat Twist

Hey lovelies,

Β Flat twists have been trending for a while now. Most people are rocking them with no extensions added whilst some women go all the way to add extensions.

For me, they are my favourite on a lazy day when i want less manipulation but a neat hair-do. For those who have been longing to learn how to flat twist, here is a quick natural hair updo that’s easy to do and also very neat. Please remember to subscribe πŸ˜‰

Love, Margie


A-Z of a naturalista

Happy New Year Naturals πŸ™‚
I am happy to be back to blogging after a long deserved break. Just like you, I have my 2017 hair goals (and life goals generally) and top of the list is to do basic and informative blogging/vlogging. It’s always good to go back to the basics, start over and understand some of the basic things naturals use and do to keep long and healthy hair. I am hoping that this will be helpful especially to those starting out their natural hair journey in 2017, (Heeeeeeey there, Welcome to the club honey πŸ™‚) and also to you and I who have been natural for a while now. We always have something new to learn everyday.


Hey Loves,

I did a video to show the new hair I have been rocking for a while now. It looks like my hair, πŸ˜‰ but it is not πŸ™‚ Watch how I install the Sistar crotchet braids (Ceres) and the final look. Please remember to like the video if you enjoy it, share with someone who may like it and subscribe to my channel πŸ™‚




It is my three year natural hair anniversary !!! My Nappiversary! Β I am super excited, not because of changes in length, but because I have enjoyed my natural hair journey so much. I have enjoyed the journey this year more than I did the last two years. 2016 is the year I consciously decided to take great care of my hair as well as to enjoy the journey. This is the year I started this platform not only to inspire someone, but also to keep me grounded and focused in my hair care routines. I am happy because I can see a tremendous change in my hair πŸ™‚ (see the comparison below)


I love love flat twists and I had to show you how I do my flat twist to get this beautiful and voluminous look. I hope you enjoy, like the video and subscribe to my channel. Share with someone who would love this look πŸ™‚


Curlformers are tools that provide a simple way of stretching your natural hair without using heat. What is more exciting is that they additionally add curl patterns to your hair :-). Watch this short video on how to install them, how to prepare your hair, And how to uninstall them.