The beauty of wrap dresses is that they suit women with all types of bodies; from plus size to pettite ladies. I bought this wrap dress from Trendy Apparel for my sister who is a size bigger than me. Since almost all wrap dresses have straps on the side to tie, you can manipulate your way with them even if they are not your exact size; and that’s exactly what I did here.  It is a size bigger but I loved the outcome nevertheless.

Dress: Trendy Apparel

Hair: SC Elegant Hair

Shoot Location: Connect Coffee Roasters


I have always wanted a leso attire and when my Dan’s mum gave me this leso fabric during our introduction ceremony, I knew I’d have to make a dress out of it. Other than being bold and vibrant, the fabric is also good quality, best for making whatever you’d want. I did my research on various leso designs and this particular design was inspired by Chepkemboi of ownyourculture who has several leso pieces so check her instagram page for more inspiration.

I  had this dress made by  Chelagat House of fashion who other than being an awesome tailor, is also a talented designer especially with african pieces. A good designer would be able to cut the fabric uniquely and be able to decide which piece can be fixed at what angle. She also made my dress here and this african print inspired coat here. I think she did justice. What do you think?


The last time I had a proper suit on was when I sat for my Kenya School of Law Oral exams which, as I shared here, didn’t quit go well (but i still aced the bar exams in the first round!!). The next time I had to think of a suit was when I was preparing to be admitted to the bar. None of the suits I owned fit me due to weight gain (which I have totally embraced) and so I got in touch with a number of known suit makers in town. I settled for David of Shytess Fashion a week to the big day and other than his previous works, I was drawn by his energy right when he picked up my call. He made me laugh the first few seconds and I knew this was the guy who would make my suit! There is something about people with positive energy and meeting David came to be a blessing. In that one week he changed my perspective in how I view life. You would have to contact him to understand exactly what I mean..but for today, let me share with you 5 tips on acing those bar exams!

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If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror

Guuuuys! I was absolutely shocked and pleased as well to look into the mirror and see how I looked in this blunt straight wig.  I was so hesitant when Sheila, the owner of SC Elegant Hair Store asked me to try it out but this turned out beautiful!! It’s different, it’s new, it’s exciting, and I love it! So let me spill the tea about this new look….

Watch wig review here: 


Thirteen  years ago, at the height of puberty, I could never look into the mirror without picking out ‘flaws’. From my face, my chubby cheeks, my full hairline, my tiny nails, my small hips: I did not like the girl I saw. Flash forward to today, I look in the mirror these days and I can’t believe how in love I am with myself.  I am proud of the woman I’ve become. I love all the features I thought were flaws.  I have learnt to love myself and embrace my insecurities. There are several things that I did/stopped doing that helped build my self esteem and embrace myself and today I want to inspire you who might be going through a similar phase:

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It’s amazing how wigs have come in handy for me especially this year as I’m in a love-hate relationship with my hair. I am equally shocked at how open-minded I’ve become when it comes to embracing wigs. After making my afro wig, I decided to stop by makeupcloudke shop and invest in one as well. I tried out different types of wigs at the store, from straight wigs, to bob cut, to long wigs; but I still fell in love with this curly unit. I have rocked it for two months now and therefore this review is well informed.