Days before taking these pictures, I was an extremely sad person. I just realized that I wasn’t happy and I was feeling very frustrated and low. I took some time to do some soul searching and find myself again because I realized a part of me was missing. I talked to some of my closest friends and very profound words stuck with me: “You are in control of your happiness”. They are words we hear so many times but they really struck me at that particular point in time as I realized that I had yielded over this power to everyone else but myself. I relied on people to make me happy, or on things to make me happy. My small sister asked me “What are the first five things that make you happy?” and I immediately mentioned things that made me happy. She stopped me and said, ” You should have mentioned yourself first”!Wow! That was my eye opener.

Photography by Shem Obara

Jumpsuit: Kendra’s Fashion House



They say, “life is too short to have boring hair“. Whoever they are, they are absolutely right! After trying our different colored wigs and extensions and talking too much about coloring my hair, I finally did it! I dyed my natural hair!! It’s not the first time for me to dye my hair;my last experience was not so pleasant back in 2012 and I trimmed off the colored parts. So when i got the chance to work with Posh Palace Hair Studio and had the option to color my hair, I dived right in and went ahead with the process in the trusted hands of natural hair stylist Dennis wa Gladys. This blog post will take you step by step on how it all happened if you are interested in coloring your hair OR alternatively you can watch the whole process here but I advise you to read this first so that you don’t miss out on the nitty gritties 🙂


“Why is my natural hair not growing?”. This is one of the frequently asked questions and I thought it was prudent to finally explore some of the reasons your natural hair may be stagnating at a certain length. I am not a length chaser as much as I am a volume and health chaser. But I believe the two are very much related and some practices that help attain a healthy afro ultimately lead to long hair. So here are some reasons why your natural hair is not growing:


I have been thinking of colouring my hair for a very long time. But before settling on a particular colour, I decided to explore coloured wigs and braid extensions to see how they match my skin tone and how I generally look in them. This is a great tip for anyone who wants to colour their hair but is unsure of which colour to settle on. It is good to try different wigs and coloured braids extensions just to get a feel of the various colours you may want to explore.

Watch Youtube tutorial here


Spring Twists have been trending for a while and even though I was looking forward to try them, it has been difficult  to get someone who could do them well and at an affordable cost. After researching on Natural Hair Online platforms, I finally found someone to install them at a price I could afford: Nutty Princess. Not only is she professional when it comes to Time and overall interaction, she is neat and fast as well.  However,  she only does house calls. Before installation, I washed my hair using Tres Semme Naturals then moisturised my hair using Mosara Moisture Milk as I stretched my hair using twists. If you are still hesitant about installing spring twists , here are five reasons why you should join in the spring twists bandwagon:

Hair Stylist : Nutty Princess 

Braid Used: Ceres by Sistar 

Photography by Shem Obara 


As a lover of African Prints, it was inevitable that I would fall in love with this pink print fabric the minute I saw it. I got this fabric while in Namanga early this year in preparation for my friend’s Ayie Ceremony. In a nutshell, Ayie is basically one of the traditional ceremonies in the Luo Culture where the groom-to-be accompanied by his family and friends (all male) visit the girl’s home to ask for her hand in marriage. This request is made to the most special person of this ceremony, i.e. the girl’s mother. She has to “yie” which means “to accept” and when she does so, the groom-to-be is now given the go-ahead to bring the dowry in a separate function called the “nyombo“. As I write this, this is yet to happen in my relationship but I definitely look forward to how this will go. I’d love to know how you do it in your culture, mind sharing?