It is obvious that I am obsessed with off-shoulder pieces; they are my thing guys! I got this red off-shoulder top from an online store called tuslay254 and if you have visited that page, you know that the demand is craaazy. Things get sold in seconds after she has posted and you must turn on post notifications for you to grab what you like on time.  Soooo, about this hair updo….

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Watch the hair tutorial here

I have always wanted to rock a bun and bangs and after numerous trial and error, I finally managed to come up with this look. To achieve the updo, I

  1. Sectioned the front part, spritzed some water and did the twists using Shea Solutions Curl Defining Gel. (Check out brief review of this gel here)
  2. I then tied the rest of my hair up in a bun and used the gel to lay the hair neatly then wrapped it with a scarf.
  3. Give the twists time to dry up before untwisting
  4. Added a faux bun just because it makes it look better.

Simple, right? A few tips that will help you if you follow the stipulated procedure;

  1. Spritz water before applying gel
  2. Do not unravel the twist too much. I simply did smaller twists and then untwisted after a while.

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Love, Margie


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