Faux Locs

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It’s been a minute since I posted but I  am glad to be back.  This has been my year of protective styling and since I undid my cornrows, I have been rocking faux locs. If you’ve ever read my post on how I take care of my hairline, then you pretty much know that I lost it all the first time I did faux locs, (which by the way, I swore never to have them done again). Never say never though. As I type this, I am actually preparing to take them down, three months later.  Perfect time to share how I have been taking care of them, right? 🙂

Faux locs
Where did I have my faux locs done?

Umoja Market, A lady called Triza hooked me up. She is not the one who did them but had two other ladies fix them.

Contact:0791 840680

How much did it cost to install?

Kshs 1700/= (excluding braids). With the current economy,  this is not cheap for hustlers like me.  But the fact that they have served me for three months makes it an efficient protective style economic-wise.

Which braids did I use?

I used two Marley braids then added one afro fluffy. You basically need three packets but this can vary depending on the length you want the locs to be.

Again, Marley braids are not cheap.  But I had stocked them since I used them last year to do this easy updo here for my cousin’s wedding.

Faux love by Just Margie

Care and maintenance?

I have washed them once each month.  I basically wash using shampoo and conditioner but the mainly focussing on the scalp.  It takes a while to dry up and therefore wash day should be a day you are chilled out.

After washing,  I used the Dark and lovely braids spray to revamp the look and make them look bright.

As for  my scalp, I massaged it using Tea Tree Oil (the solid one)  which is very soothing.

Before installing, how should I prepare my hair?

Before having my faux locs installed, I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner, then did deep conditioning using Shea moisture.

I then stretched out my hair using the threading method. When the day for installing reached, I applied Aunt Jackie’s Seal it up Hydrating sealing butter To hydrate my strands and seal in the moisture.   I refused to have my hair blow dried and that’s why I stretched it the night before.
Was it painful to install?

This is a question I have had to answer so many times. My answer is yes and no.  I had to be in control as they installed the locs.  Meaning, I would tell them if it’s too tight and they were so considerate to relax.  You basically have to speak out when having faux locs installed.  They also used a protective technique to install them I.e they did three strand twists (matutas) using a thread before twisting the Marley braids. This makes it less painful and helps prevent hair breakage.

My advice to you is that you communicate with your stylist. Tell him or her if it’s painful because it ought not to be painful.  🙂

How can I protect my hairline for damage? 

I am very paranoid about losing my hairline.  Therefore, to take care of my hairline,  I used to massage the hairline with Shea Moisture African Black conditioner which has a very soothing effect, then as I showered, I would let water run through the braided hairline. Then I would massage a mixture of Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil before bed.

You can also avoid manipulating the hair by styling every time.  It prevents damage to the hairline through pulling.

Are they easy to style 

After two to three weeks of installation,  faux locs become easy to install as they tend to be less rigid.  Around the second month, I had my cousin’s wedding and I didn’t want to undo them.  I went to Ngara stalls and had them styled. (see picture here).  It’s easy to style them as you wish and sometimes you may need a needle and thread to hold them in place.

How can you curl them?

Though I purposed to make a video on this, I couldn’t.  However, my friend Waithera can show you here how you can curl the faux locs.  There are two basic methods.  One, you do three strand twists and deep them in hot water.  Two, you use a thread as seen in the video here.

Lastly, how can you make them look fresh and new? 

As time flies,the locs may loose their sheen and glow.  Your hair also grows from the roots.  I used the Dark and lovely Braids spray to make them look brighter everyday.

When I was preparing for the wedding however,  I discovered that there is a way to make the roots look new and near.  Simply spray water at the roots then apply the Royal Beeswax Oil using a tins comb.  That works magic.

I plan to do more illustrative videos the next time  I have faux locs installed. I really hope this post answers most of the queries and doubts you may have before installing the faux locs.

Till next time, let’s stay in touch via social media.  Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.  Cheers 🙂

Just Margie 🙂

Faux locs by Just Margie

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