It’s been two years since I had box braids installed!! The last time was when my friend did them for me and I trusted her to do them.  I say ‘trust’ because that’s usually the main issue for me when it comes to braiding. The questions that run through my head include “Will she mess up my hairline? ” “Can she make my hair without using heat? ” ” Will it be painful? ” “Will I handle the weight of the braids ” …etc .I’m usually very skeptical about braiding but when I heard about Darling Elegant Braids being #HairLightAsHair, I had to try them and if you are curious if they are, this blog post is for you 😉😉Before delving into the my braid care routine,let me give you the details of what I used and who made my hair this time…

Where did I have the braids installed?

If you followed my insta-stories, you know I had my braids done at Amadiva Hair Salon by a stylist called Doreen.  I was so nervous because I wasn’t sure if she’d agree to do my hair without blow drying and whether she would be gentle. I was so relieved when she told me she totally understood the natural hair struggles and wouldn’t use heat. 🙏

I especially loved the fact that she did my hair in sections,  spritz some water  , applied coconut oil which my hair loves, then proceeded to install the braids. She has heavenly hands because there was totally no pain! I could even style the same day.

Which braids did I use ?

As I said, I used the Darling Elegant Braids which I can honestly say are very light.  Though it’s not as packed as the Abuja braids , the braid’s overall weight ensure my head does not feel heavy, and at the same time I am able to safe guard my hairline while rocking this protective style. It’s hard to imagine I have nine packs on my head because I honestly don’t feel the weight. (Yes guys, my hair is a lot hence the many packs)



Care and maintenance


I usually insist that caring for your natural hair starts before installation of braids or whatever protective style you rock. As such, I washed my hair with the dark and lovely sulfate free shampoo and did my co-wash using the Knot Out conditioner (which is perfect for detangling).

I then deep conditioned overnight using Saru Organics Hair Growth Masque which is one of my favourite deep conditioners because it leaves my hair super soft.

I stretched my hair using twists in the morning before going to the Salon.

Post Installation care

  1. Scalp : I have been using the Dark and lovely Anti-Itch Soothing Oil on my scalp which has peppermint and jojoba oil. As I said on my video here, this oil is really good when you have protective styles on because of its applicator which enables you to reach your scalp with ease. Secondly, peppermint is very soothing and I love the tingly feeling on my scalp; it’s absolutely relaxing. You should try it if you have an itchy scalp.
  2. Braids: I also love the Dark and Lovely Braid spray which I use to keep my braids vibrant as well as keep my scalp moist.
  3. My night time Routine: I have been unable to fit my braids into my satin bonnet and therefore I use a headscarf at night to keep my braids from drying out. At some point in the night I’m sure of losing the headscarf and that’s why I always use a satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases tend to cause frizzing and make the braids look older due to the friction.
  4. Styling: I definitely intend to try out different styles with this box braids but I am keen on avoiding constant manipulation due to the fact that this can strain my hair. I will definitely do a post showing different styles I’ll try.

That’s all ladies. Got any question? Please leave a comment below or let’s interact via my instagram account 😉

Till next time, keep warm.

Love, Margie


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