Colour is a power that directly influences the soul.

This year has been a really tough year and one of the implications of joining the Kenya School of Law is that my outfits have become so dull and monotonous. Sometimes, this has an effect on my moods  and outlook towards life generally.  I have been looking for more colourful outfits to lift my spirits and this mustard dress did more than that.

MUSTARD by Just Margie

One of the greatest things I have learnt in the past few weeks of making youtube videos is that; Comparison is the real thief of joy. It is so easy to fall back and be very hard on yourself in life. It is very easy to compare where you are in life right now with what others have achieved and instantly invalidate everything you have worked to achieve and the baby steps you have made in life.

I have learnt to accept where I am in life and allow myself to make the mistakes I am supposed to make so as to be able to learn. Sometimes I look at the few youtube videos that I have made and literally cringe when I see/hear little mistakes here and there but, I still pat myself on the back because I know I have learnt from scratch about video editing and shooting and I still have a long way to go but hey, it’s a learning process. Be easy on yourself and celebrate the little victories. E.g. Thank you to my 97 youtube channel subscribers. You guys make me happy and motivate me to work harder 🙂

About this mustard pleated dress. it is perfect for an outdoor playful day but can double up as a night time outfit. It got me feeling so free-spirited and excited to face the day with a smile. It is safe to say that mustard is a perfect colour to get your moods top notch and vibrant. 🙂  What colours are you currently loving? Let me know what you think on the comment section below. 🙂 Remember, life is an art, live yours in colours.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Till next time

Just Margie 🙂

Dress from Linnette Muga’s Curvy Collection

Photography by: Micheke


  photogrid_1476813353198 photogrid_1476795546849

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