Photography by Kenyan Story

I was very excited to hear about World Afro Day. (WAD). This, to me, meant that there is growing recognition of afro/textured hair not only in our countries, but across the globe. Today, 15th September, marks the inaugral World Afro Day. An event geared towards creating awareness and promoting appreciation for the the unique place of afro hair throughout the world will be held in London today. And even though you and I cannot attend this event, we can remain true to the purpose of this day by celebrating the value and beauty that is natural hair in kenya today.

This post is dedicated to any struggling naturalista out there; ANyone feeling inferior due to their hair texture, anyone undergoing discrimination at the work place or wherever they are because of their hair.

On 15th September 2016, a U.S. federal court, ruled it was legal to ban dreadlocks in the workplace!  This is a barrier not faced by any other hair type or group.  Afro-hair is rarely celebrated, especially globally.

One year later, there is still pressure on black women to conform with societal norms when it comes to our hairstyles. Why should you conform when the hair you rock on your head is as natural as the word “natural” sounds? It is unfortunate that we are sometimes forced to do extensions, wigs, weaves just to conform and for everyone around us to feel comfortable. I pray and hope that the world grows everyday in learning the beauty that lies in women with afro-textered hair.

So if you are still struggling internally with how you look with your natural hair and you are reading this, I have four things to tell you:

You are a queen crowned in your curls.

Your hair does not need to be fixed. Society’s view of beauty is what’s broken.

Even if it makes others uncomfortable, love who you are.

It is a beautiful thing to be natural.

With love, from me to you.

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