Happy New Year to y’all.  I know am not late because we are still in the 70 something day of January.  ? But I hope you are keeping well.  As I share this little black dress, let me get into inspirational mood and leave you with Four main lessons from 2017 that  carrying forward to 2018 and probably forever…

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1. God first.

Put God first each day and you’ll see amazing changes in your life ?

2. Learning to prioritize

I have learnt how to draw the line on what and who matters at a certain given time.  This line is usually blurred sometimes for most of us. We are busy chasing money, chasing friendships, chasing life. We forget to take a moment to value those that matter to us, to spend time with them, and to be there for them. I have made peace with the fact that I can’t make it to all birthdays, weddings, showers, damn I can’t even afford to go to all!  This year am taking time to put the ones I love first, because at the end of the day, they matter and life is indeed very short.

3. Stop.  Breathe.

2017 was characterised by so many panic attacks.  I would get anxious over any little thing. Worry took over.  At the beginning of this year,  my friend Daki encouraged me to try meditation using an app called Headspace. This has made me calm in situations where I would blow up.  Am still a work in progress but if you are truly feeling overwhelmed with the many things you need to do in a day, just stop… Breathe first. You should definitely try meditating: you get a sense of control and you also learn to prioritize. ?

4. Do your best every single damn day.

We worry so much about tomorrow, so much that we forget to live in the present.  I am challenging myself to live one day at a time. By doing so, I am able to do my very best each day without worrying about tomorrow.

5. Believe in you

Your mind is your greatest weapon.  Use it to build your confidence, to believe in yourself more everyday,and to believe in your dreams. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

6. Invest in people

When my mum was unwell, she had so many guests both in the hospital ward and at home. MANY!  I don’t know why she has never run for a political seat coz damn! She would garner lots of votes. Lol.  What shocked me most is that each guest had a personal connection with her,  a personal story of how she came through for them.  She couldn’t even remember some deeds that she had done that people were talking about.  What I realized is that she has been planting seeds in people without knowing. By taking time to get deep with people and really knowing them personally. (If you’ve met her and you are my friend, then I’m so sure she got really personal to know about you and your family members.  She’s like that with everybody)

The Point is, invest in people.  Build friendships that matter. I can’t stand shallow conversations these days.  Get to know people on a personal level.  You might be there for them just by getting deeper yet you have no idea. And that’s what life is about. Meaningful conversations and meaningful friendships.

What lessons have you learnt from 2017? Feel free to share with me and hit me up on the comment section.

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