I have always wanted a leso attire and when my Dan’s mum gave me this leso fabric during our introduction ceremony, I knew I’d have to make a dress out of it. Other than being bold and vibrant, the fabric is also good quality, best for making whatever you’d want. I did my research on various leso designs and this particular design was inspired by Chepkemboi of ownyourculture who has several leso pieces so check her instagram page for more inspiration.

I  had this dress made by  Chelagat House of fashion who other than being an awesome tailor, is also a talented designer especially with african pieces. A good designer would be able to cut the fabric uniquely and be able to decide which piece can be fixed at what angle. She also made my dress here and this african print inspired coat here. I think she did justice. What do you think?

Another thing that I definitely love about lesos is the Swahili sayings imprinted on them. The sayings are often deep with a valuable lesson behind them. For this, the words are “Mungu ndiye Kimbilio letu” ,meaning “God is our refuge”. It’s safe to say I’d go to church with this dress as well as to family gatherings. If you are going for Nurtured Knot’s Hairitage Chronicles 5.0 on the 8th of September 2018 whose theme is “the Lesso edition“, then this is one way you can design your leso. I definitely look forward to getting another leso by then and making something beautiful with it.


What are your thoughts about this? Leave your comments down below. PS, can you believer I tried this leso with my afro and it didn’t look good? I’ll share a comparison pic on my instagram and let you be the judge.

Till then, wish you lots of Love,


Dress: Chelagat House of Fashion

Shoot location: Connect Coffee Roasters

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