They say, “life is too short to have boring hair“. Whoever they are, they are absolutely right! After trying our different colored wigs and extensions and talking too much about coloring my hair, I finally did it! I dyed my natural hair!! It’s not the first time for me to dye my hair;my last experience was not so pleasant back in 2012 and I trimmed off the colored parts. So when i got the chance to work with Posh Palace Hair Studio and had the option to color my hair, I dived right in and went ahead with the process in the trusted hands of natural hair stylist Dennis wa Gladys. This blog post will take you step by step on how it all happened if you are interested in coloring your hair OR alternatively you can watch the whole process here but I advise you to read this first so that you don’t miss out on the nitty gritties 🙂



The process basically started with several questions on my hair type, routine, hair history etc. This is a very important step that colorists must take before colouring your hair because it determines whether or not you should colour your hair, and if you should, what the process would be! I had washed my hair earlier that day and applied a leave in conditioner. While interrogating me, they found out I had used Black Hair Shampoo before and this was not good news because, being a metallic dye, it meant I had to bleach first to enable the new colour to settle in. We did a strand test first to see whether my hair would dye with the intended hair color i.e Revlon, or whether I would have to bleach first before applying the new dye. A strand test is important to also ascertain if you are allergic to the products they intent to use so please insist on one before dyeing the hair.

Unfortunately the strand test revealed that the best alternative was to bleach because applying the dye directly didn’t actually work 🙁


Because I was so determined to end this year with a new color on my hair, I agreed to the process. Bleaching is usually very harsh to the hair because what  it forces the cuticle to open so that it can remove the natural hair pigmentation and this is what leads to dryness. The bleach used was Revlon Blonde Up mixed with 20 vol Peroxide. To make the effects of the bleach mild, he added a protein conditioner Silicon Mix Proteina Treatment and mixed the solution thoroughly before applying. We applied the mixture from above the hair roots because the hair close to the roots was not affected by my previous dye. He was very quick with this application process because time is of the essence when applying bleach. The longer the cuticle is lifted the more damage your hair is prone to. When the hair got to the color he wanted, we rinsed it off with lukewarm water. It is necessary to avoid hot water because the cuticles are already open and you don’t want any more damage to them.


So after rinsing off the bleach, the new color was prepared. I wanted a maroonish/reddish colour and to achieve this he mixed two tubes of Revlonissimo Shade 6.65 mixed with one tube of Revlonissimo Shade 6.66 and mixed them thoroughly before adding 20 vol peroxide which he mixed until oxidation took place. He then applied the new color from the roots all the way to the ends (this was what I wanted). So remember; so far the hair cuticles have been lifted, the original color was oxidized by the bleach and now my hair is literally “colourless” and ready for the new color. At this state, the new color pigment now takes over and bonds to the hair cortex. We gave it 35 minutes to penetrate the hair shaft before rinsing with lukewarm water.


By the time we rinsed my hair, the color had settled in quite well and so we proceeded to wash it with Revlon Post Color Shampoo and to protect the hair from dryness, I stayed for five minutes with the 5-in-1 Reconstructive Avlon Affirm Treatment mixed with Mizani Hydrafuse before rinsing with cold water. Throughout this process, we have completely avoided using hot water because the cuticles are already lifted by the bleach and hot water will only make it worse. Cold water closes off the cuticles. My hair felt soft and moisturized after that and I was in love with the final color. Conditioning your hair after this process is very important because conditioners aid in closing the cuticles and locking up the new hair color. Conditioning also helps in moisturizing thus preventing your hair from being brittle and breaking.


The final step of the day was doing some twist outs using Mizani True Textures Curl Defining Pudding. He used a very interesting technique which actually resembled the same technique involved when doing spring twists. I sat in the dryer afterwards for 30 minutes for it to dry and afterwards, we unraveled the twists and fluffed the hair out to achieve this beautiful afro.

This sums up the whole process involved and I hope you found this blog post informative. Feel free to watch the Youtube Video of the entire process here and while there, subscribe and join the fam 🙂 Drop any questions below and I will get back to you. Thanks for stopping by.

Hair by Dennis Wagladys

Photography by Kuyo Photography

Make up by Mwaju Chaks

Lots of love,


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