Just Margie, how to take care of your hairline

The first time I appreciated the importance of my hairline was when I lost a significant part of it on the right side of my head πŸ˜› . I had done faux locs for the first time in my life (aboutΒ 6 years ago). They were the “in”thing and I just had to rock them. And so I sat for one hour as four people pulled my head in all directions as they tightly fixed the locs. Days later, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t smile… and I cried… The pain… Whaaaat? I was in massive pain. Then the pain subsided and 6 weeks later, as I undid the locs, my hair fell off on the fore right side of my head. My hair line was destroyed. Yikes.

If you have met me (or if you look at my pics ;-)), you will notice that I have a no-joke kinda hairline; one that threatens to meet my eyebrows anytime. Lol. So when I lost so much of it, some people thought I had a mow-hawk πŸ˜‰ It was not funny at that time, but thinking about it now, I cant help but laugh.

JUst Margie, How to take care of your hairline



Over the years I have learnt how to take care of my hairline. I have learnt how important it is to take care of my hairline as this is the aspect of our hair/skin interface that people see first. The hairline frames our face. So imagine a painting without a frame. It may look appealing but, it is incomplete. So to treasure this important aspect of our hair/face, here are some tips to help you protect your hairline:

1. Avoid tight styling

If you take me 6 years back, I would sue the stylists for this πŸ˜‰ When the box braids, locs, twists etc are installed with little or no mercy to the hairline, then it will be damaged. What’s worse is if you let the braids stay for a long period of timeΒ after tight installation. The longer they stay, the more the chances your hair will fall off. So avoid having the protective styles installed tightly. Do not hesitate to tell your stylist to have some mercy on the hairline when you feel it is too tight. If you are doing really big box braids or faux locs, you can ask your stylist to do a small three strand braid using your hair (matuta) then install the braid on top of it. This will reduce chances of hair loss along the hairline.

Just Margie- How to take care of your hailine

2. Give the hair a break

Constant styling and manipulation of your hair will have a negative effect on your hairline, if not the entire hair. Let your hair breath once in a while. Constant braiding and weaving is not healthy for your hairline. The hair strands will slowly thin and the hairline being very vulnerable, will succumb faster than the rest of your hair. So relax, and just give the hair a break. You can try out fun styles like bantu knots and twist outs or simple cornrows or, if you like, try wigs.

Just Margie How to take care of your hairline

3. Useful oils to help the hairline grow back

So may be your hairline is damaged at the moment and you are wondering what to do. I would recommend that you try castor oil which is a stimulant of dormant hair follicle. Massage the oil along the hairline every single day. Alternatively, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, or mango butter. Shea butter and mango butter contain Vitamin A which is vital for growth and maintenance of follicles. Massaging the hairline with any of the above may stimulate the growth you really want. Do it everyday/consistently to get the results you want. But remember, before you apply the oils, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. πŸ˜‰

Just Margie, How to take care of your hairline

4. Sleeping techniques

How we sleep at night has an impact on our natural hair. The tossing and turning against cotton pillow cases can cause breakage of the strands leading to hair loss. This equally applies to the hairline. You can protect the hairline and hair generally by covering your hair using a satin bonet. I got mine from Super Cosmetics, Nairobi, Kenya.Β You can also sleep on a satin covered pillow which helps reduce the impact of friction. Finally you can make chunky twist outs when going to bed. Avoid holding your hair in tight buns as this pulls the hairline. If you have braids, you can tie them loosely.Β 

Just Margie how to take care of your hairline

So I hope that these tips will be helpful towards the recovery of your hairline. Never lose hope πŸ™‚ The hair will grow back. Just be consistent and kind to it. Till next time,

Just Margie.


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