I have been thinking of colouring my hair for a very long time. But before settling on a particular colour, I decided to explore coloured wigs and braid extensions to see how they match my skin tone and how I generally look in them. This is a great tip for anyone who wants to colour their hair but is unsure of which colour to settle on. It is good to try different wigs and coloured braids extensions just to get a feel of the various colours you may want to explore.

Watch Youtube tutorial here

I shared this picture on my instagram account and some people legit thought I had dyed my hair. Some loved the new colour and some didn’t but I totally loved it! I was so surprised that the colour looked this good. So the truth is that I made this blonde-ish afro wig just to see how the colour would look on me. I use one pack of Darling Soft Kinky Braid Colour 30. One pack was enough as you would have to cut the braid into two at the back. I did a detailed video on how I made this wig so I will let you watch the Youtube Video here and admire the pictures captured by Shem Obara.

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