I am almost clocking two years in my coloured natural hair journey. As much as it is fun and exciting, coloured hair has it’s challenges and might not be for everyone. In this post, I’m going to answer the questions I get surrounding my coloured hair, from my personal experience as well as knowledge garnered over the past few years.


  1. Which products did you use to colour your hair?

The first time I coloured my hair, we had to bleach it first since I had a history of using Black Hair Shampoo, a metallic dye which would not allow the new intended dye to penetrate my hair easily. After the bleaching we applied the dye, i.e. Revlonissimo shade 6.66 mixed together with shade 6.65. You can read in detail about that process here or watch the video of how we did it here. This dye is not easily available in local stores but can be found at Revlon plaza but is sold only to professional stylists in the Revlon database. Below is a picture of my hair the first time I coloured it.

The second time I coloured my hair was eight months after the first time. Since red shades fade, I was bored of the brownish/yellowish colour that my hair had become and decided to recolour it back to the deep maroon shade. This time round we used Revlon shade 4.65 mixed with shade 6.66 and further used a colour booster. You can watch the step by step procedure  on my youtube channel here.

2. How many times have you colored it?

Twice . Below is a picture of the second time I coloured my hair.


3.Which salon did you go to the first time you coloured it?

Both times, I coloured my hair at Posh Palace Hair Studio. My colourist was Denis Mwangi wa Gladys.

4. Is your coloured hair tougher than your ‘new’ hair?

I haven’t quite felt a difference in texture now that my hair is growing. Generally the coloured parts feel rough when dry than the uncoloured parts.  I would  also say that the coloured parts dry faster than the uncoloured parts and therefore need more TLC in terms of moisturizing.


5. Did your hair become weaker after colour?

By the time I first coloured my hair, my natural hair had minimal breakage issues. It was strong and easy to maintain and therefore, even after colouring, I didn’t quite experience breakage.

However, after colouring the second time, I did notice that my hair became weaker for a few months. I experienced breakage and had to put in a lot of effort in deep conditioning and moisturising to return it to a good place. I also did a few protective styles to reduce further breakage from manipulation.

6. What do you do to avoid breakage/shedding of your hair?

I inculcate healthy hair practices in my natural hair routine to keep it strong. This includes monthly deep conditioning with a moisturizing deep conditioner as well as protein treatments once every 6 weeks. Deep conditioning is key in maintaining a healthy coloured mane and I have found products that my hair loves. (Check out my youtube channel for detailed product reviews).

My daily routine is also very moisturizing, starting with water, followed by a leave in conditioner for the extra boost of moisture then an oil to seal it up. You can watch my daily routine here.


7. Does it retain moisture? What do you use to moisturize?

I use water and a leave in conditioner as part of my daily routine. Ever since colouring my hair, my hair doesn’t retain moisture as   much as it used to. It loses moisture faster than it used to. However, with the right products, I have been able to manage and keep it moisturized daily.

8. Does color weaken one’s hair?

Not necesarily. However, you have to ensure that your natural hair is at a good state before subjecting it to colour. It’s important that your hair is strong before embarking on the coloured hair journey. Further, the coloured hair journey is not for the lazy natural. Daily moisturising is key as well as regular deep conditioning. Failure to this, you might end up with very weak hair.

9. Please advise on dying natural hair at home?

It is possible to dye your hair at home with the right products and following indicated steps. You can check out Just Nimu and Ronke Raji who have experience colouring their hair at home.

10. Can I colour my hair with henna and get the same colour?

If you are talking about my hair colour, I highly doubt you can achieve it by using heena.

11. Is it harmful to dye your hair?

If you are worried about your health, then it’s safe to dye your hair. However, measures have to be put in place to ensure you are safe e.g. Ensure the room is aerated when dyeing your hair; Do not stay with the dye for a prolonged period of time than the required time. This can cause burning of the scalp. You should also avoid dyeing your hair if your scalp is in any way wounded and sensitive.

There is also little research as to whether dying your hair is safe during pregnancy. It’s a grey area but if you decide to do so, then it’s advised to not apply the dye to the scalp but rather work with the ends.

I hope this was very informative. In case you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section or drop me an Instagram dm. 

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