There is nothing I love more than a colourful headwrap on a bad hair day or on wash day in between deep conditioning runs. Even so, headwraps have always been a fashion staple  from the unique vibrant prints to even the plain coloured ones. You can always look good whether you are in braids, wigs or just your natural hair. I have done a couple of headwrap tutorials when rocking wigs and when rocking braids here so feel free to check them out and subscribe to my channel for more 🙂 So where do I get my headwraps from?


With diverse prints for all skin colours, Nywele Chronicles is one of my favourite headwrap joints in Kenya. Coined by the famous and talented natural hair guru Michelle Anyango, Nywele Chronicles has grown it’s range of wraps from the plain coloured wraps to the vibrant ankara pieces. I have gotten several wraps in different sizes from them. If you are a fun of colour, you will definitely get something you like from their diverse collection. There price starts at Kshs 550/- to Kshs 750/- depending on the size of the wraps and they do deliveries country wide so feel free to contact them via their Instagram Page here.


Wrapped Nation is another head wrap business run by a humble lady I met at one of my blog shoots, Quintor. She was just starting out when I met her back in 2018/2017 and the business has definitely grown. Looking for something neutral but unique, I was able too grab myself this black and white wrap from them. She also has a vast collection ranging from plain coloured to ankara headwraps and also does IGTV tutorials on how to tie the uniquely named wraps. Their headwraps range from Kshs 600/- to Kshs 1500/- and you can check out their collection on their instagram page here.


I came across Trendy B headwraps at Hairitage Chronicles, which is a natural hair event organised by Nurtured Knots. The lady behind the business is Brenda Nakhulo who has always been an aggresive business lady specializing in unique ankara outfits. One of the things that stands out about this wraps is that they were specially curated for the lady who struggles to tie headwraps. The wraps mimic a bonnet i.e. they are easily worn before wrapping to shape. Furthermore, they are satin lined to retain moisture in your hair. Their price ranges from Kshs 800 to Kshs 1500/-. If you are a struggling babe in the headwrap game, check out their diverse collection on their instagram page here.


Anytime I am making an ankara outfit, I usually ask my tailor to spare some section of the fabric enough to make a headwrap. That’s how I easily expand my headwrap collection. Sometimes this comes at no additional cost which is a plus. If you hadn’t thought about it, try this next time you give your tailor your fabric to make something for you.

Where do you buy your headwraps? Feel free to share in the comment section 🙂

Love, Margie

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