Sisters are different flowers from the same garden


Faux FLower Crowns by Just MArgie

Whether you are up on the wedding line up, or going for a bridal shower or just a girls’ chill out, flower crowns have become the go-to accessories. From fresh flowers to plastic flowers, these whimsical accessories brighten your look and make you feel like a princess, right? It does not matter whether your hair is natural or relaxed, you can always find a way to accessorize using the faux flower crowns.

My sister and I did this shoot together using flower crowns she bought me from Rwanda 😉 and I love the colours as well as the effect they have on the overall look.  Just like flowers, my sisters have always brightened my days. They are my go-to people whenever am down and they will always encourage me to bloom and be the best I can be. It is a blessing to have three amazing sisters who are full of positive energy. When you fall, sisters will always pick you up (after they finish laughing). Friends too, grow so close and become sisters to us. Treasure them, and appreciate them. Always remember to be a flower to them 😉

Love and Love,

Just Margie

FLOWER CROWNS by Just Margie

Faux Flower Crowns by Just MArgie

Faux Flower Crowns by Just Margie

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