So I’m at that stage where I am attending many  bridal showers,  weddings,  baby showers, and things family oriented. Most of my age mates are getting married and it’s a beautiful time to try out wedding hair updos. One of my favourite and easiest hair do for weddings has to be the faux bun.  This hairstyle is so easy to do,  inexpensive, and beautiful. I actually rocked it at my cousin’s wedding last year and most of you asked for a tutorial.  I prepared a pictorial instead and I am going to show you,  step by step,  how to achieve this look.

Step 1.

Starting on partly stretched hair,  spritz some water around the edges.

Step 2.

Apply gel around the edges and use a soft brush to brush your hair towards the center of your head where the bun will rest. Hold your hair using a small hair band.

Step 3.

Wrap your hair using a silk/ satin scarf. This will ensure that the edges lay intact the  whole day.


Step 4:
Take another hair band and widen it using your right hand. As you hold the Marley braid with your left hand, place it at the center of the widened band. Do a crisscross with the hair band so that you have the braid secured as shown below.

Step 5:
Unwrap the scarf.
Place the hairband (The one holding the Marley hair) at the center of your hair then begin to roll the Marley hair around the center to form a bun. For it to be secure, use bobby pins.
Neaten out the bun and tack the ends of the braid for a seamless finish.

Step 6:
Add your accessory to give this look the wedding touch.

Six easy steps and you are ready to go! Voila!


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