Happy New Year my loves

I know I haven’t officially wished you a happy new year this year but I do hope that you are off to a good start. It’s already been an emotional one for us here in Kenya after the Riverside attack but our will and inner strength keeps pushing us on. My heart is with all those affected. To matters blogging, I sat down to reflect and think about what this blog would reflect this year and I thought it wise to share with you through these images. One word that absolutely defines what the blog hopes to depict is, “DARING”

I want to  be more daring this year. Daring in my writing, daring with my hair and my looks, and in my photography. I tried to do an editorial shoot to depict this concept and it did turn out great as you can see the images. There is so much you can achieve if only you go for it fearless. I would also want to learn to take my own pictures as taught by Joy Kendi.

Daring to be more alive.

Alive in my writing, in my day to day life, in my work. Taking time to be fully present! To be present in my relationship with God, my relationship with myself, my relationship with my family, with my friends, with you.
To be more alive in my style,  with my hair; Alive in my thoughts, in my choices. To make my dreams come to life.
Be more alive: We take Life for granted. Life is too short not to live. I dare you to live ☀️☀️

Daring to be more consistent

I would like to write more informative articles on hair, products, fashion, life and different aspects of my life. I want to be more consistent and put out a blog post every week. So stay tuned for blog posts every week. and videos on youtube every monday. As I move towards February, I am definitely going to add the number of posts to twice a week. And I dare you to hold me accountable.

Daring to say no when I mean it

I have always been upfront with how i feel. I say no when I mean it but sometimes it takes me a while to say no. I dare myself to say no as soon as i am not down with something. Saying no and walking away from something you don’t believe in (whether it’s work related or personal) has to one of the liberating things ever. Try it!

Daring to be more vulnerable

I would like to share personal stories with you through this platform and my youtube channel just for you to get to know me and learn what you can.  It is very scary but I believe there is something to learn from every experience.

All in all, I want to be more daring because fear took the best of me last year.  I am facing my fears this year. You should too. Don’t  let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen.

Love, Margie


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