It’s amazing how wigs have come in handy for me especially this year as I’m in a love-hate relationship with my hair. I am equally shocked at how open-minded I’ve become when it comes to embracing wigs. After making my afro wig, I decided to stop by makeupcloudke shop and invest in one as well. I tried out different types of wigs at the store, from straight wigs, to bob cut, to long wigs; but I still fell in love with this curly unit. I have rocked it for two months now and therefore this review is well informed. 

Care and maintenance:

Just like any other wig, it definitely needs to be well maintained to keep it looking fresh and new. When it’s not on my head, it actually rests on the dummy or well packed in its case as it was when i bought it. Being a curly unit, you don’t need any comb; your fingers are adequate to neaten the curls. It’s also good to invest in a good wig spray (though i still haven’t) so as to keep it fresh looking. I saw one at the store so if you pass by there, feel free to ask for one.


The wig did not come with any parting so you can rock it as you wish. I chose to trim the front then did a side part. If you are a fringe kinda girl, you can also trim it to the size you want and rock the fringe. I tried it with a fringe but I didn’t quite like how I looked.

90% of the days I wear this wig, I add a headwrap. It looks amazing with headwraps and if you still haven’t checked out my youtube video showing the different headwrap styles you can rock with it, then click here and don’t forget to subscribe.

Watch wig review + 7 headwrap styles video here

General impression:

 If you are used to big curly afros or curly weaves, then this wig is a good buy for you! It costs Kshs 4500/= and can save you several salon days. It can work both in official and casual settings! I love the bouncy curls and the texture of the wig. You can also trim it to the length you desire.

I advice that your wear a wig cap and if possible have a flat hairstyle underneath (like cornrows or flat twists). If you have a sensitive scalp, then wear a wig cap to prevent any negative or itchy reaction when your scalp comes into contact with the extension used to make the wig.  I really wanted to wear it when I was getting admitted to the bar (read more about that day here) but it was too big for the advocates wig to sit comfortably. Lol! Other than that, it’s a good investment.

What do you think? I’d definitely love to hear from you so leave your comment down below. 

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