I have never stayed with a protective style for as long as I have stayed with this crochet faux locs. I had them installed the day after my wedding in readiness for honeymoon and they have truly served me well for the last seven weeks. So here’s the tea about them…

Braids used and costs involved. 

I used Gypsy locs, 12 inches long, in the colour T350.  I got the locs from @nuttyprincess on instagram. We used a total of four packs to achieve a full look. A pack goes for Kshs. 850/- which brings the total amount on buying the locs to Kshs 3,400/-. It sounds a lot but the good thing is that I can always re-use the locs later one and if you don’t want to feel the pinch of spending that amount at once then you can always buy the packs slowly. She also runs sales sometimes so it would be good to follow her page.


My hair was done by Nancy who previously did my passion twists. What I love about her is that, first, she understands natural hair. You don’t have to worry about stretching your hair before. She is very tender and gentle with the hair. Secondly, she does house calls. I totally love the convenience of doing my hair at  the comfort of my home and if you like that as well, then you should definitely contact her. To achieve this look, her labour ranges from Kshs  2500/-  to Kshs3000/- depending on the client’s location. Her contact is +254 725 215 689 and you can check out her work on instagram as well.


From the title of this blog post, you can tell that the technique is crochet. She did a few cornrows at the centre of my head but did three strand twists (matutas) along the perimeter. Then she proceeded to install the locs using the crochet needle. It was absolutely pain free and safe for my hair line. If you check this photo here, we had also added a curly braid just to add a little bit of umph to the look. For the curly braid, we used Spanish Braids by Angels in the shade 3/50. I removed them later on just to maintain a neater look since the curls don’t look as fresh after some time.

I did record a video which will either be up on my youtube channel or instagram account showing you the exact technique so definitely follow me on the platforms to have a look 🙂

Styling, Care and maintenance

 When it comes to styling, you can do what you want because they are so light and airy. You however have to be careful not to expose the cornrowed area at the centre of your head. I was not so experimental with styles, if i didn’t let them hang looselya bun always did the trick for me.

Maintaining crochet faux locs is as easy as a walk in the park. To maintain them, I always used my Dark and Lovely Anti Itch Scalp Soother on my scalp which if you have not bought one by now, you are truly missing out. It has peppermint which truly soothes the scalp and leaves you feeling so relaxed. I also refreshed the look using the Dark and Lovely Braids spray. Once in a while, earlier on when I had the curly parts, I went in with the mousse to keep the curls fresh.

Why you should try crochet faux locs.

First, they are totally pain free. If you are scared of faux locs, the crochet method is here to ensure you get to look bomb in a pain free way. But if crochet is not your cup of tea, then check out this time here I did faux locs, still pain free, but without crochet.

Secondly,  this technique ensures that your hairline remains safe and intact. Infact, my hairline grew a lot whilst rocking this hair style.

Thirdly, the installation time is very short so if you are a babe on the go with little to no time for your hair, this is the style for you. We took less than an hour to have them installed and off I was to my honeymoon.

Fourth, since I was going for my honeymoon, I was definitely looking for a hairstyle that I can swim in and this was perfect.

Fifth, Crochet faux locs are so light and airy. You can totally forget that you have them on your scalp.

Sixth, I find that they were very gentle to my sensitive scalp. Afro kinky , being the most common braid used for faux locs, has always reacted to my scalp. I was therefore extremely elated to finally rock the gypsy faux locs without worrying about any form of sensitivity and itchiness.

Finally, they are cute! So why not?

Have you tried them before? What was your experience? What did you enjoy about them? If you haven’t tried, is this something you’d want to try? Let’s chat in the comment section.

Till next time,

Love, Margie


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