It has been a while since I had cornrows and braids installed. In fact the last time I did was when i did the fulani braids. With the weather being so windy, hot and dusty, I decided it was time to have a protective style installed and give my natural hair a break. I have craved this look for a while from the many pics I saved from Pinterest and therefore it was time to satisfy my cravings. On this post, as usual, I’ll share the pre-installation process as well as the installation process.

You can watch how I prep my hair for this protective style here


First, I detangled my hair using the Saru Organics Detangler which has honestly been such a life saver. I first spritz some water (because you should never detangle dry hair), then I applied the detangler section by section as I finger detangle before using a wide tooth comb. The detangler literally melts the tangles away. Before tucking the section away in a twist, I applied Coconut Oil as a prepoo. A few hours later, I washed my hair using the Saru Organics Shampoo using warm water. Because I was going to have my hair tucked away for a few weeks, I deep conditioned my hair using the Saru Organics Hair Growth Masque and sat under my steaming cap for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. The masque left my hair so soft and ‘vibrant’. I then did my final rinse using cold water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar.

I knew I would stretch my hair using low heat at the salon and therefore I applied the Design Essentials Kukui and Coconut leave in conditioner which is very moisturising, and coconut oil (which is mildly a heat protectant) right before. Since I wanted my hair moisturized , I requested the stylist to apply my Mosara Moisture Milk right before the installation. It’s safe to say I am very ‘extra’ before installing a protective style and before heat is applied on my hair.

Who did my hair?

My hair stylist for this look was Wambui. She is based in Kasarani Estate and the salon is called Espie Salon.

I specifically wanted her to do my hair because she is really good with the cornrows, having done my mum’s and sisters’ hair before. She is also a perfectionist hence the neatness, and she does it so painlessly. She was so gentle when stretching the hair and generally in handling my hair throughout the installation process.  I also love the fact that when plaiting the cornrows, she would start with my natural hair before proceeding to add the braid extension. This is key in protecting the hairline:-). It took roughly 4 and a half hours to create the look as she had no one to help her ‘finish‘ the ends.

Her contact information is 0729 264004.

 Costs involved.

I used a total of 7 packs of Angel’s Braids shade 1/350 for this look. This is because I wanted them to be extra long and so she added the braids at the end to elongate them. A pack of the braids goes for Kshs 65/= bring the total amount to Kshs 455/=. I totally loved how the shade blended perfectly with my coloured hair. To create this look, Wambui charged me Kshs 1200/= bringing the total cost to Kshs 1, 655/=



Care and maintenance

Since the braids are long, they definitely are a little bit heavy but manageable. I can comfortable put them in my ankara satin bonnet which is quite voluminous but then I also sleep on my satin pillow case. I have been using the Borus Beauty Shea Butter on my scalp and I plan on using the Dark and Lovely Braids Spray to keep my braids fresh.


As I write this post, I have not yet styled the braids as I am waiting for them to be less tense. When I style them, I will share on my youtube channel so subscribe to be notified.

Location: Jojo’s Cafe

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