There is something about reading blogs that’s different from the physical magazine or newspaper . Getting information from the online space is very effective for the reader but could involve a lot on the end of the blogger. While the number of bloggers generally keeps rising, I always believe that there is room for everyone to shine. Every voice is unique in its own way: don’t ever be discouraged to go for what you want. Stay focused on your goals and ignore the noise.  And if you want to start your blog,  here are a few general steps you will have to follow :

Watch Hair tutorial here. 

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Little Black Dress & Lessons from 2017

Happy New Year to y’all.  I know am not late because we are still in the 70 something day of January.  ? But I hope you are keeping well.  As I share this little black dress, let me get into inspirational mood and leave you with Four main lessons from 2017 that  carrying forward to 2018 and probably forever…

Watch Hair Tutorial

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