It’s amazing how wigs have come in handy for me especially this year as I’m in a love-hate relationship with my hair. I am equally shocked at how open-minded I’ve become when it comes to embracing wigs. After making my afro wig, I decided to stop by makeupcloudke shop and invest in one as well. I tried out different types of wigs at the store, from straight wigs, to bob cut, to long wigs; but I still fell in love with this curly unit. I have rocked it for two months now and therefore this review is well informed. 

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It can be extremely difficult to style your hair after washing it especially if you don’t have time! I recently had to wash my hair because midweek because I felt it was a little bit dirty to take me to the end of the week.  Whenever this happens,  I usually opt to to tie it up in a puff using minimal products and this saves time for me.  So if you want to know how to do the same then this blog post is for you 😉

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It is obvious that I am obsessed with off-shoulder pieces; they are my thing guys! I got this red off-shoulder top from an online store called tuslay254 and if you have visited that page, you know that the demand is craaazy. Things get sold in seconds after she has posted and you must turn on post notifications for you to grab what you like on time.  Soooo, about this hair updo….

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Watch the hair tutorial here

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Do you guys know the feeling when you get your hair braided then a few days later, you look at pics of your natural hair then you absolutely miss it? Or, when you have your natural hair open, then you see someone braided and you immediately want to braid? (Like I’ve made some of y’all feel) Lol! Anyway, I have always loved being colourful and when rocking braids, turbans and head scarves can add the colourful vibe to your whole look. So here are a few ways I have tied my scarves and turbans when rocking this super light braided up-do and felt absolutely uplifted (because colours have a way of making us cheerful 🙂 )

Photography by : Kenyan Story 

Braids: Elegant Braids by Darling Kenya

Watch the tutorial here 😉

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It’s been two years since I had box braids installed!! The last time was when my friend did them for me and I trusted her to do them.  I say ‘trust’ because that’s usually the main issue for me when it comes to braiding. The questions that run through my head include “Will she mess up my hairline? ” “Can she make my hair without using heat? ” ” Will it be painful? ” “Will I handle the weight of the braids ” …etc .I’m usually very skeptical about braiding but when I heard about Darling Elegant Braids being #HairLightAsHair, I had to try them and if you are curious if they are, this blog post is for you 😉😉Before delving into the my braid care routine,let me give you the details of what I used and who made my hair this time…

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Easy Wedding Hairstyle for Natural Hair- Marley Faux Bun

So I’m at that stage where I am attending many  bridal showers,  weddings,  baby showers, and things family oriented. Most of my age mates are getting married and it’s a beautiful time to try out wedding hair updos. One of my favourite and easiest hair do for weddings has to be the faux bun.  This hairstyle is so easy to do,  inexpensive, and beautiful. I actually rocked it at my cousin’s wedding last year and most of you asked for a tutorial.  I prepared a pictorial instead and I am going to show you,  step by step,  how to achieve this look.

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