It’s been tough rocking a wig in Nairobi due to wig snatching around the CBD area but I’m very happy that it’s all calm now. Other than security reasons, there is usually a lot of stigma associated with wigs. To be honest, I used to be the kind of girl who thought wigs and weaves were for older women exclusively. Well, I was clearly part of the problem and let’s just say I grew up/older and now I can proudly share 1o reasons why every woman should invest in at least one wig. My very first wig to wear was this afro wig and in case you missed out on how I made it, watch this video here just before I convince you why you should own one.

Watch the Afro Wig tutorial here

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I love it when I get the chance to accessorize my braids because accessories definitely make a difference ! So I was fascinated (all pun intended) when I realized that I could accessorize using fascinators while rocking braids. It was more pleasing to get one that matched the colour of this beautiful Saree that I was gifted by one gorgeous lady. She gave me this Saree three years ago but I was so tiny to fit in.  This is the one time gaining weight has come in really handy 😗😊.

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Oh my! It has been four years since I started the natural hair journey and today am not celebrating hair length. No! Today , i’m just happy that I have never looked back, that I have fallen deeply in love with my hair, that I have inspired someone to take care of their hair and love it as well. Today, I celebrate the health goals I have achieved. I celebrate myself for starting a platform to inspire women with natural hair, like you who is reading this. I’m happy because a journey I started four years ago has opened so many doors for me (and many more to come ;-)) and I pray that I become a more resilient person, more persistent, more open to try new things, just like my natural hair has taught me. So cheers to many more 🙂 and thank YOU for the support this far.



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Cornrows 103




Once again, I saw a cornrow trend, I fell in love with it, and I tried it. 🙂 It took me a while before deciding to cornrow my hair because (1) I dreaded having my hair blow dried, and 2) I wasn’t sure if the outcome would be as good as I wanted. (See here the image I used to direct my salonist). So let me share with you what you may want to know about the process of achieving this look.

Photography by: Kenyan Story Photography

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Kimono Life

Once in a while, certain fashion pieces catch my eye and I get the urge to share them on this platform with the hope that someone gets inspired (style-wise of-course). This Kimono statement is one of those pieces that I could not resist to share about.

Photography by:Kenyan Story

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Photography by Kenyan Story

I was very excited to hear about World Afro Day. (WAD). This, to me, meant that there is growing recognition of afro/textured hair not only in our countries, but across the globe. Today, 15th September, marks the inaugral World Afro Day. An event geared towards creating awareness and promoting appreciation for the the unique place of afro hair throughout the world will be held in London today. And even though you and I cannot attend this event, we can remain true to the purpose of this day by celebrating the value and beauty that is natural hair in kenya today.

This post is dedicated to any struggling naturalista out there; ANyone feeling inferior due to their hair texture, anyone undergoing discrimination at the work place or wherever they are because of their hair.

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