DARING IN 2019!!

Happy New Year my loves

I know I haven’t officially wished you a happy new year this year but I do hope that you are off to a good start. It’s already been an emotional one for us here in Kenya after the Riverside attack but our will and inner strength keeps pushing us on. My heart is with all those affected. To matters blogging, I sat down to reflect and think about what this blog would reflect this year and I thought it wise to share with you through these images. One word that absolutely defines what the blog hopes to depict is, “DARING”

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Shoot Location: K1 Clubhouse

Hey my loves,

It’s a brand new month and we are stepping in to October with swag and style. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to look good. I recently made my way to Gikomba Market which I visit at least twice or thrice a year to stock up on some good outfits and I was quite impressed with what I got. I shared all the items I got here so be sure to watch the full video.

If you are planning on making your way to Gikomba market, here are some practical tips that would make your shopping less stressful and more fun:

Dress: Gikomba Market

Gikomba Market Try On Haul Video: 

Photography: Shem Obara

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Days before taking these pictures, I was an extremely sad person. I just realized that I wasn’t happy and I was feeling very frustrated and low. I took some time to do some soul searching and find myself again because I realized a part of me was missing. I talked to some of my closest friends and very profound words stuck with me: “You are in control of your happiness”. They are words we hear so many times but they really struck me at that particular point in time as I realized that I had yielded over this power to everyone else but myself. I relied on people to make me happy, or on things to make me happy. My small sister asked me “What are the first five things that make you happy?” and I immediately mentioned things that made me happy. She stopped me and said, ” You should have mentioned yourself first”!Wow! That was my eye opener.

Photography by Shem Obara

Jumpsuit: Kendra’s Fashion House

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As a lover of African Prints, it was inevitable that I would fall in love with this pink print fabric the minute I saw it. I got this fabric while in Namanga early this year in preparation for my friend’s Ayie Ceremony. In a nutshell, Ayie is basically one of the traditional ceremonies in the Luo Culture where the groom-to-be accompanied by his family and friends (all male) visit the girl’s home to ask for her hand in marriage. This request is made to the most special person of this ceremony, i.e. the girl’s mother. She has to “yie” which means “to accept” and when she does so, the groom-to-be is now given the go-ahead to bring the dowry in a separate function called the “nyombo“. As I write this, this is yet to happen in my relationship but I definitely look forward to how this will go. I’d love to know how you do it in your culture, mind sharing? 

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The beauty of wrap dresses is that they suit women with all types of bodies; from plus size to pettite ladies. I bought this wrap dress from Trendy Apparel for my sister who is a size bigger than me. Since almost all wrap dresses have straps on the side to tie, you can manipulate your way with them even if they are not your exact size; and that’s exactly what I did here.  It is a size bigger but I loved the outcome nevertheless.

Dress: Trendy Apparel

Hair: SC Elegant Hair

Shoot Location: Connect Coffee Roasters

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I have always wanted a leso attire and when my Dan’s mum gave me this leso fabric during our introduction ceremony, I knew I’d have to make a dress out of it. Other than being bold and vibrant, the fabric is also good quality, best for making whatever you’d want. I did my research on various leso designs and this particular design was inspired by Chepkemboi of ownyourculture who has several leso pieces so check her instagram page for more inspiration.

I  had this dress made by  Chelagat House of fashion who other than being an awesome tailor, is also a talented designer especially with african pieces. A good designer would be able to cut the fabric uniquely and be able to decide which piece can be fixed at what angle. She also made my dress here and this african print inspired coat here. I think she did justice. What do you think?

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