I’m a lover of colours and prints.  Colours put me in such a beautiful lovely mood when I’m feeling down. It was therefore inevitable that this casual colourful shirt dress would join the family as soon as our eyes met😂. 

Whether you rock a neutral coloured shirt dress or  multi coloured ones, it’s safe to say that shirt dresses are wardrobe staples simply because you can wear them for multi occasions.  They are also so comfy that you’d find yourself being a repeat offender.  You can’t go wrong if you pair them with Boots or even cute loafers. A style tip that also goes a long way is choosing one size bigger than the size you’d normally wear.

Dress: Mr Price Cresta Mall, Johannesburg 

In other news, this clutch has been a favorite so you might be seeing it more often.  😊😋I would definitely love to see how you rock your shirt dress so feel free to tag me whenever you post a pic on instagram.

What’s your take on shirt dresses?  Hit me up on the comment section below?

Till next time,

Stay pretty and warm.



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