Casual Chic : Turban

Turbans! Who said they are only for bad hair days?  Turbans are also for my lazy hair days. I was tired of the same old kinda way of tying turbans and thought of spicing them up with my bangs .

Soooo, all I did was:

1. Two flat twists at the front. You can also do twist outs. It’s all about your personal preference.

2. Then I Tied the rest of my hair in a bun.

3. A few hours later,  I undid the flat twists and held the bangs with a Bobby pin so that they lay on the forehead.

4. Using my fabric, I folded it into a triangular shape, folded the apex so that it runs parallel with the other side. then proceeded to tie a knot, then tucked each end.

And voila ?, you have your turban.  I wanted to do this tutorial but I have some issues with my laptop (sob) and therefore that’s on hold.  I will definitely update this post with a link once the video is up.

Casual chic * turban

If you are looking for a casual outfit for a casual event, an over-sized shirt and denim should cut it! It is such an easy, laid back and comfy look to pull off. I wore this to the Safaricom International Jazz festival (which was amazing by the way), and this has easily become my go-to weekend outfit simply because its super comfy.

Casual outfit, denim, shirt

watch how to flat twist here

I hope this inspires you to try out the turban * bangs.

Till next time, keep it chic and fab 🙂

Love, Margie.

Photography by: Steve

Stylist: Glen Bryson

Shirt: Mr. Price (Nairobi cbd)

Heels: Gift

Black Denim: Thrift Market

Brown Clutch: Shiro Mwangi

Casual chic, turban

Animal print heels





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