My name is Margie Muga. I am a 24 year old natural hair enthusiast and the author of this blog (www.justmargie.com) . I have great love for my natural tresses. This journey started when I had the big chop two years ago. It was a decision informed by the need to start afresh since my relaxed hair was as strong as my natural hair as a baby. I also need a fresh perspective to life and cutting my hair at that point, symbolized a fresh start in various sectors of my life. At first, it was extremely difficult to embrace my new look and the journey was filled with self-doubt and lack of confidence. I had to remind myself that I am beautiful no matter my hair. Constant reassurance has enabled be to remain grounded and confident in my natural hair journey.

I started this blog to keep me focused and more grounded in maintaining and taking care of my natural hair.  Being natural should be fun and beautiful. I hope to inspire a natural hair lover out there to not only embrace, but also to love and enjoy their natural tresses. It is a beautiful thing to be natural.

I hope to journey with you, as you journey with me.

Lots of love.