My first and last time to do spring twists, I shared ten reasons why you should join the spring twists bandwagon here. Because I loved them so much, I had to do them all over again and this time, with different braids and different length. In fact, I was able to share how they were done on my youtube channel so check it out here. But before you go away, let me spill the tea about this spring twists.

Braids used/ Costs Involved/Princess Spring Twists V Ceres Braids

Just like the previous time, my hair was done by @_nuttyprincess_. We used the Princess Spring Twists Braids in the shade T1/BUG (Burgundy) this time because I was curious to see what was the difference with the Ceres Crotchet Braids which I used last time here. In my opinion, the difference is that the Princess Spring Twists Braids feel a little bit softer in texture. They also have a variety of colour blends making them more interesting to use. However they are pricier than the Ceres. A pack costs Kshs 800-900 whilst for Ceres, a pack goes for Kshs 400-450/=. I used two and a half packs which translated to Kshs 2000/= for the braids only. Yikes! That’s expensive. She charged me Kshs 1700/= for the installation. So if you are on a budget, Ceres braids will work perfectly fine.

Pre Installation:

Before installing the spring twists, I washed my hair using Tres Semme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Tres Semme Remoisture Conditioner which I totally love for my new coloured regimen. I then treated my hair using Haldha Naturals Hair Masque which left my hair very soft and curly. I then stretched my hair using the African threading method. It took two hours to get stretched and that was just on time for my appointment with Nutty Princess.

Nutty Princess: Her Service

Other than the fact that she was totally on time, I love the fact that she understands natural hair. She was very gentle especially with my hair line. Before installing, she moisturized my hair using the Mosara Moisture Milk. She is also very fast and this being long, she took around 3 and a half hours to install them.

Care and Maintenance.

As I said before, Spring Twists are very low maintenance and that’s why I really love them. At night, I just tie them up and sleep in my Satin Bonnet by Sukie Beauty which is big enough for my protective styles. During the day, I lay my edges using the Ten Pro Gel and refresh the twists using the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Braid Refresher. I use the Kentaste Coconut Oil on my scalp when it feels dry.

I have not been so experimental with styling my spring twists because I just enjoy them free. Because they are light, this is not such a bother. I once threw in a fascinator and it looked good as well. What do you think?

How do you style your spring twists? Have you tried Spring Twists before? Did you love them? Share your thought below and I will be happy to respond. Let’s also be friends on instagram where I share random stuff about hair and life generally 🙂



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