A walk down Memory lane- My Relaxed Hair by Just Margie

Don’t you guys just love Facebook for helping you walk down memory lane to remind you of where you have come from? I personally enjoy seeing my memories, from the lack of grammar in my former updates, to my childish updates (I look at them and I laugh), to the low quality images that still made their way on your timeline, to the very immature poses that were actually the “in-thing”, to the now outdated fashion sense I had 😉 It’s all too funny. I recently saw my past images of my relaxed hair and I thought, why not share this one the blog? So yeah, this is how my relaxed hair journey looked like….

A walk down Memory Lane- My relaxed hair- Just Margie

I really loved taking pictures (and I still do) and so these photos really capture my best days with my relaxed hair. I really struggled with relaxed hair back in High School because of the fact that I had to keep off water. I remember having to moisturize with the famous Pink Lotion. I really had no feelings whatsoever towards my hair other than my constant craving for healthy hair. Back in primary school I had long healthy natural hair and it was all chopped right before my final exams by one of the teachers in school with a view of making the candidates “focus on their books”. I was really bitter and for a long time, I didn’t really care much about my hair.

A walk down memory lane- My relaxed hair by Just Margie

Fast forward to high school, I relaxed my hair for easy maintenance since we were not allowed to do any protective styles. When I joined the university, I maintained relaxed hair for a while. I still had the urge to go natural so as to have healthy hair but I did not have the courage to just start all over. I flat ironed my hair a lot, especially when I needed to go out, and as a result my hair thinned especially the front part.

I used to let my hair grow for a long while before retouching and that’s why in these photos, it doesn’t look quite bad…

A walk down memory lane- My Relaxed Hair by Just Margie

As the relaxed hair grew, it became thinner and thinner and I finally gave in. I had the big chop right after finishing my second year exams and I have never looked back. I am currently enjoying the versatility that comes with rocking natural hair; I am able to try very many styles with it, something I didn’t quite get to do with my hair relaxed. Unfortunately, I did not take so many pics of my TWA, probably because it took me a while to adjust to the new look and the fact that I did lots of protective styles. I found the photo below where I was goofing around with my siblings. Other than that, I will keep sharing my TWA pics on my instagram page.

My hair journey-Just Margie

I must say I have totally embraced my natural hair journey. I have no regrets. I love it. Once I stopped complaining about how hard it is to maintain my natural hair, I found ways to make it work. I am not quite a length chaser, but a health chaser. It’s better to have long healthy hair, right? As you can see below, my hair looks healthier natural than relaxed.

A walk down memory lane- My relaxed hair by Just Margie

If you are in the natural hair journey, embrace it! Love it! Enjoy it! There is so much you can do with natural hair. Do lots of research to keep you motivated. Just love it girl 😉 For that extra motivation and care needed in this journey, follow me on my social media pages? We have so much to learn from each other.

Till next time,

Love, Margie.

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A walk down memorly lane-My Relaxed Hair by Just Margie




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