I can’t count the number of times I postpone to wash my hair just because styling it afterwards would be a nightmare! However, lately I am loving wash and go’s because I’ve finally figured out how to style them (and also because I am trying to deep condition my hair weekly). So in the spirit of sharing, I filmed nine quick wash and go styles that you can rock especially if your hair is short or medium length and if you have kinky hair.

Video: Click here

Photography: Shem Obara

I actually love to use products that make my hair manageable before styling so I washed my hair with the Dark and Lovely Au naturale Moisture Replenishing Shampoo just because it makes my hair very soft and moisturised. A co-wash is the most important step for me to do a wash and go because conditioners leave my hair very soft and detangled. I used the Dark and Lovely Au Natural Knot out conditioner which is absolutely my fav conditioner. I normally finger detangle as I work the product in. Then I proceed to use the Saru Organics Hair Growth Masque which is a hydrating and moisturising deep conditioner. It softens my hair even further and leaves it extra moisturised.

Afterwards, I pat dry my hair with a clean cotton t-shirt. Then add a leave in conditioner because I need that extra boost of moisture during the day. I use Saru Organics Leave In conditioner and seal it up with Kentaste Coconut Oil before proceeding to style.

1: High puff


To achieve this look, I fluff my hair using an afro pick comb going up then add my elastic band which I bought from Super Cosmetics Nairobi. Then I add a bit of gel to neaten my edges and thats all.

2. High puff x roll and tuck

for this second look, all I do is roll and tuck the front section. This just adds a little bit of ump to your look.

3. The rugged afro

I love afros. I usually feel so liberated and empowered when I rock one. So for this look, I just fluff my hair using an afro pick comb and shape it up into a cute afro.

4. Side pins

Once you fluff your hair, just add pics to both sides. I rocked this look when my hair was shorter and it always looked great.

5. The Mohawk

For this look, simply add pins all the way to the back on both sides leaving out hair in the middle and voila!!

6. Mohawk with side cornrows

So instead of pinning the hair on the sides, simply do a cornrow on each side and then add accessories to make it chic.

7.Pinned Up look

This style reminded  me of how women in the 80’s rocked their hair. So from the back to the front, I simply secured my hair with pins.

8. Side cornrows/flat twists

You can always do two/three or even four cornrows on the side to look funky like i did here.

9. Half bun/half down

So this is especially for medium length hair. Divide your hair into to and tie the front with a hair tie leaving the back free. Don’t worry about shrinkage. You will look so bomb with a smile and confidence!!

Those are the nine wash and go styles I have been trying out. Which one is your favourite? Comment down below and if you check out the video on these looks, remember to subscribe. You can also find me on instagram or facebook where I share snippets of my life đŸ™‚



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