Spring Twists have been trending for a while and even though I was looking forward to try them, it has been difficult  to get someone who could do them well and at an affordable cost. After researching on Natural Hair Online platforms, I finally found someone to install them at a price I could afford: Nutty Princess. Not only is she professional when it comes to Time and overall interaction, she is neat and fast as well.  However,  she only does house calls. Before installation, I washed my hair using Tres Semme Naturals then moisturised my hair using Mosara Moisture Milk as I stretched my hair using twists. If you are still hesitant about installing spring twists , here are five reasons why you should join in the spring twists bandwagon:

Hair Stylist : Nutty Princess 

Braid Used: Ceres by Sistar 

Photography by Shem Obara 

1. Spring Twists are light and airy.  Gone are the days of heavy braids and neck pains! This protective style is so light you’ll even forget you have them on.  We all want comfort in a addition to looking cute, right?

2. Spring Twists are good for your hairline

If you are scared of damaging your hairline, then spring twists are definitely for you.  Due to their light weight, you are assured of a healthy hairline. And if you get a hairstylist who is gentle, then that’s a plus!

3. They are easy to style .

Because they are light ,you can style them however you want.  You can use headwraps, hold them in a bun, use pins to create elegant looks, or leave them free.  The fact that they spring also makes the malleable so you will be surprised how long they can stretch. It’s been hustle free to style my spring twists!

4. It’s a beautiful protective style. 

If done right, spring twists look beautiful whether you mix the braid colour or use one plain colour. Need I say more on this?

5. You can unravel the twists and create a totally new look.  How versatile!  After a while, just before undoing them, I’ll try unravel the twists and see how it looks.

6. They are easy to maintain. I freshen up my look every morning by simply laying my edges and voila! I also oil my scalp using coconut oil at least twice a week or when need arises. If you are one with a busy schedule ,then this is good news for you.   Spring twists require very little maintenance.

7. You can crochet!  I know time might be a constraint for some of us. Good news is that this protective style can be crocheted as well.  All you need to do is inform your stylists before hand so that they can prepare the braids.

8. They are fairly affordable! I use the word ‘fair’ because this highly depends on the stylists you use as well as the braids used. I used the braid Ceres by Sistar (No 1/32) which retails at about Kenyan Shillings 450-500/= .Nutty charged me 1400/= bringing the total to about 1850/=. I know some stylists charge way higher and that’s why the price depends on the stylist you choose. However,if the stylist uses the Spring Twists Braid which retails at about Kshs 900/= a pack, then this price will definitely go higher considering you’d have to use three packs.  Another common braid that can be used to achieve this look is the Darling brand new Soft Kinky braid which retails at around Kshs 500/=. In short,  spring twists don’t have to be expensive, but they can be!

9. They are great for working out! As I said,  spring twists are light and airy. When choosing a protective style to suit your working out routine, you definitely want something light to enable you  work out with ease. The sweat won’t be a bother too because you have easy access to your scalp.

10. Spring twists look like your natural hair!  If you get a braid shade that matches the colour your hair, it will be hard to tell if you have braid extensions on. The technique involved in making the spring twists is such that your hair seamlessly blends with your natural hair. So if you want a protective style that is easy to maintain yet closely resembles your natural hair, try spring twists 😉.

Top: Byawinda

That’s all loves. What do you think about this look?  Have you tried spring twists ? How was your experience? Please share your thoughts below?  I’d love  to hear from you. 

Let’s also connect on my Instagram page for more conversations 🙂 I’ll be doing a YouTube video soon on how I style my spring twists so remember to subscribe so that you don’t miss out. 🤗🤗



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