We all get stranded at some point in this natural hair journey wondering, ‘What the hell will I do to my hair today?’. Trust me, I’ve been there several times and that’s why I decided to share some simple natural hair styles for the girl on the go. These hairstyles are simple and work perfectly if you have medium-length or long hair. I believe my hair is medium-length and for these looks, my hair was slightly stretched using low heat. I hope you are inspired by this particular post and if you have time, a proper illustration of the hairstyles is on my Youtube page here . While there; subscribe 🙂

Youtube Video: Click here

Products used: Dark and Lovely Au NAturale

  1. The Flat Twist Updo

Nothing is as quick and times saving as two flat twists on your natural hair. If you are a beginner, learning how to flat twist is a good investment. It will save you time on days when you are clueless. Check out how to do flat twists here.

2. Roll, tuck and pin

This has to be the simplest hack for anyone who can flat twist or cornrow. For medium length hair, working in sections will make it easy for the hairstyle to stay intact. I worked in three sections for this look; one at the front and two at the back. Remember to have lots of hair pins to safely secure the tucked parts. Check how to pull of this look here.

3. Half way Flat Twist


Whether you have your hair stretched out or in an afro, two flat twists at the front will always add some life to your look. Pin the two flat twists and leave the back section open. You can even do some twist outs at the back.

4. A basic Pompadour

Styling your hair into a pompadour has to be one of the quickest official looks you can pull of. I did one cornrow at the back, from back to front; then i pinned the end down. At the front, I rolled my hair loosely towards the back and pinned it down.

5. A bun plus twist outs

A bun will always look sophisticated but if your hair is not long enough to hold one, section the front and do some twist outs at the front to pimp the whole look. I used the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Plaiting pudding to create the twists at the front and totally loved the results.

6. Twist outs plus roll and tuck

If you are not able to do a bun completely, section the back into two then roll and tuck and pin it down. Check how I achieved this look here 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and I sure hope you found this article helpful 🙂 Don’t forget to leave a comment on your favourite hairstyle 🙂

Love, Margie



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