I turn 27 years old today. I am so excited and extremely grateful to God for the new year. Moments and days leading to my birthday have been so reflective on what my life was, what it is right now and what it is going to be. I was inspired to share with you guys some key lessons I have learnt as I turn 27. I will categorize the lessons according to the different aspects of my life.



I have learnt that God is very intentional. Nothing happens by luck. Nothing happens by mistake. Whatever you are going through now is preparing you for whatever is coming your way. Last year (2018) was extremely challenging for me as my mum was sick most of the time. I spent so many days beside her, taking her for all medical appointments, all blood tests and xrays. It was especially difficult to watch her in pain, from misdiagnosis to the proper diagnosis. My faith was tested and sometimes I felt so weak. But I kept remembering that it is in our weakness that God’s power is manifested. I knew that His grace would carry my family through that difficult period. Today, mum is healed and has been going to work. As I look back, 2018 is the year I bonded deeply with my mother especially on marriage. As we sat in each of the appointments waiting for our turn, we shared stories so deep about marriage, motherhood and life generally. We talked of things so deep that I would not have previously discussed with my mum. Her sentiments and opinions really shed light on some grey areas of my life and as I prepare for marriage this year, I can confidently say that God was very intentional through all the hospital appointments we had. I have learnt a lot from the very best.



Money has always given me a sense of security and independence. When broke, I tend to get sad and a little bit frustrated with life. However, as I turn a year old, I am very conscious about money not defining my happiness. I am putting my trust and security in God and not in my Bank account. It is hard but also very liberating to keep a happy spirit despite your bank balance. Try it.

Money is better invested than just lying in the bank. Start the business you have always wanted to start and invest in it. This is the best time. Otherwise the money you have will always find a need.

You get what you ask for. This is especially when bargaining. I realize that as women we are very scared to say exactly how much we want. Money is suddenly a very shy topic for us to indulge. But as I grow older, I realize that you have to really know your worth and be ready to have it respected.



I have learnt that what we consume has an impact on who we become. This is basically what we watch, what we listen to, who we spend our time with etc. We are shaped by our thoughts. What you think creates your reality. So feed your mind with the right things. I have not always been a good reader but I strive to be better this year. However, podcasts have really changed my perspective on key life issues. The Oprah’s Master Class, The Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and Jesus and Jollof are some podcast channels that have uplifted me as a person, and changed my perspectives positively. I am more motivated and a more positive person due to the things I choose to feed my soul with.




The #10yearchallenge made me realize that as much as we are growing older and advancing in fashion, our bodies are changing too. I was a skinny little girl but I have grown into a fairly chubby woman who is content with her current body. I have learnt that change is constant and we can either embrace who we are becoming or make appropriate changes into taking care of our bodies. I am grateful for where I am physically but keen on making healthy lifestyle decisions in a bid to take care of myself. Even as you make changes, be thankful for where you have come from 🙂



I once wrote a post on Choosing Happiness last year. I was from a really sad place where my happiness was dependent on my fiancee, my bank account or what others said to me. It is honestly very unfair to place your happiness on someone else. Having been in a relationship for so long, it’s very easy to become very dependent and even forget the things you loved doing. Ever since I snapped out of that pit, I have made great strides in ensuring that I am in charge of my happiness and it’s honestly very liberating. I stopped thinking of where my life would be but instead chose to focus on the present and enjoying everything it is right now. I am keen on generating positive vibes and honestly this has in turn affected my relationships. I am at a good place with my friends, my family and my special person.

This is a summary of my most valuable lessons at 27 and I hope you pick a thing or two from this post.

Happy Birthday to me 🙂


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