As my belly grows and the weight kicks in, it’s becoming extremely tasking to find something comfortable to wear. However, these tights from Vivo Woman have definitely seen me through the three trimesters. They are so comfy and have been able to accommodate my growing belly. Here are a few ways you can rock  tights while pregnant and still keep it fashionable.


Towards the beginning of my first trimester, I invested in sweater tops that I would rock with tights. Most of them were loose fitting and have been able to accommodate my growing belly. One of my favourite remains this purple number which I’ll still be able to rock post-pregnancy. I bought a number of them from a lady in Karen who sells unique thrift sweaters.

Tights: Vivo Woman {large}||
Shoes: Purepurple_ke   ||Sweater top: thrifted



I got a tailor to make me some ankara pieces that I can hopefully wear during and after my pregnancy. This off shoulder top has seen me through my second trimester as well as my third trimester. It’s almost free size and I can definitely wear it after pregnancy as well. If you are thinking of an off shoulder top, it would be wise to consider a zip on the side so that it can be suitable for breast feeding as well.

Ankara top by Brigid Momanyi || Boots by Style Loft Kenya


I was inspired  to get a customized T-Shirt during my pregnancy. Though the shirt had more sentimental value in terms of the writing ‘MAMA Est 2020’, it soon became a fashion staple whenever I’m rocking tights.

I got the t-shirt in Extra Large from Delvine’s closet and I have been able to rock it even in my third trimester. I am not worried since over-sized t-shirts are still a fashion staple for one who is not pregnant. I’ll therefore find ways to make it work post-pregnancy. Most times I’ll add a kimono or shawl on top when rocking a t-shirt with tights.

Mustard Shawl: Vivo Woman || White Sneakers: Style Loft Kenya

How have you been rocking your tights? What do you think of the looks above? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.

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