Days before taking these pictures, I was an extremely sad person. I just realized that I wasn’t happy and I was feeling very frustrated and low. I took some time to do some soul searching and find myself again because I realized a part of me was missing. I talked to some of my closest friends and very profound words stuck with me: “You are in control of your happiness”. They are words we hear so many times but they really struck me at that particular point in time as I realized that I had yielded over this power to everyone else but myself. I relied on people to make me happy, or on things to make me happy. My small sister asked me “What are the first five things that make you happy?” and I immediately mentioned things that made me happy. She stopped me and said, ” You should have mentioned yourself first”!Wow! That was my eye opener.

Photography by Shem Obara

Jumpsuit: Kendra’s Fashion House

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They say, “life is too short to have boring hair“. Whoever they are, they are absolutely right! After trying our different colored wigs and extensions and talking too much about coloring my hair, I finally did it! I dyed my natural hair!! It’s not the first time for me to dye my hair;my last experience was not so pleasant back in 2012 and I trimmed off the colored parts. So when i got the chance to work with Posh Palace Hair Studio and had the option to color my hair, I dived right in and went ahead with the process in the trusted hands of natural hair stylist Dennis wa Gladys. This blog post will take you step by step on how it all happened if you are interested in coloring your hair OR alternatively you can watch the whole process here but I advise you to read this first so that you don’t miss out on the nitty gritties 🙂

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