I have been obsessed about how rocking your natural hair afro is just so liberating. For me, it is not only liberating, but empowering. It solidifies the fact that I am most comfortable in my skin; just as I am. I helped my sister do an afro-themed shoot and the outcome motivated me to do one for myself. I was a little bit nervous about how it would come out but I am happy I tried it so now I can share with y’all the step by step procedure.

You can also watch the tutorial here 

Step One

So the first step is to ensure you start with clean hair. I cleansed my hair with the Dark and Lovely Au Natural Shampoo and conditioned it with the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Knot Out conditioner. As you condition your hair, it is important that you actually detangle your hair. Detangling is what will lead to a knot-free afro and make it easy to comb it out without breakage. Thereafter I deep conditioned my hair using Saru Organics Hair Growth Masque because my hair needed that extra love; it had been a while since I had deep conditioned my hair.

Step Two

The next step is to stretch your hair. I decided to go for the heatless method. I would not encourage you to use heat for this particular look because you want a voluminous afro. I, therefore, stretched my hair using three strand twists (matutas) . My hair was still damp at this moment and so to seal in the moisture I used the Dark and Lovely Afro Moisturizing Butter to the three-strand twists. I gently unraveled my hair when it was dry. It is important to let your hair dry to avoid shrinking of the afro. I needed volume and when the hair is dry it can stretch as far as it can.

Step Three

The last step is just to comb each section gently and to shape your afro. Easy, right?

I hope you are inspired to try rocking an afro and when you do, please don’t forget to tag me on my instagram handle. Till next time, stay warm and rock thy fro.

Love, Margie






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