I  successfully did a braid out!!! It’s exciting because it was my first SUCCESSFUL braid out. Some call it a three strand twist whilst in swahili it’s the famous matuta. Previously, my braid outs failed for one reason or the other but over time I have learnt a number of tips that have come in handy in ensuring I get that bomb braid out! In the spirit of sharing, here are a 11 tips towards a successful braid out.

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  1. Start with clean hair

. This is particularly important because you want your products to give you the best results ever. This might not be possible if you have a lot of product build up. So ensure you cleanse your hair with a clarifying shampoo.

2. Detangle your hair

 To get a smooth curl pattern, ensure you detangle you hair. This can be done before washing or while conditioning you hair. I detangled before washing using the Saru Organics Peppermint Detangles which does a pretty good and fast job at detangling. It was pain free and very fast.3. Get all the moisture you can before you start.

I know you want your hair to look moisturized and soft, who doesn’t? So for that extra boost of moisture, deep condition your hair before you do your braid out. Thank me later for this one!

4. Start of slightly stretched out hair.

For that voluminous look, it is better to start on slightly stretched out hair. If you don’t want to use heat, you can do a small number of matutas/three strand twists overnight just to get your hair slightly stretched out.5. Use curl enhancing products.

By now, you definitely know which products enhance your curl pattern. If you don’t , it would be good to try out different products and see what works for you. I always go for curling creams that have shea butter as a main ingredient. I used the Saru Organics Shea and avocado cream for this look.

6. Moisturize.

Moisture is key because dry hair is not appealing to anyone! So before you start to do the braid out, ensure you use a moisturizing leave in conditioner.

7. Technique.

I used the LOC method. So I applied the Saru Organics Leave in conditioner, then oiled using Jojoba Oil then rubbed the curling cream against my hair before proceeding to do a braid out. So when it comes to technique, you simply divide a section of your hair into three, then take the two outer sections and cross them over. It’s easier if you watch here how I did it. The braid out doesn’t have to be so tight. At the end of the braid out, i did a two strand twist and added a bit of product to ensure the ends stay moisturized.

8. Use a light weight oil.

Whether you use the LCO or LOC method, it is better to use a light weight oil for this. Light weight oils don’t weigh your hair down considering you are additionally going to use a curling cream. They also give you some sheet and smoothen your hair hence help in avoiding frizz. Examples of light weight oils include Jojoba oil, argan oil and coconut oil.

9. Pin the braid outs down.

Once you finish braiding, pin down the braids towards the direction you’d like your hair to fall when styling. Check how I did it in my video10. Give it enough time to dry.

This is very important. Previously, I was always in a hurry to unravel and there is nothing as disappointing as a braid out that shrinks and frizzes because you didn’t give it enough time to dry. Just be a little patient and let the hair dry and the results will be totally worth it.

11. Unravel gently from end to root once your hair is dry.

Apply some oil on your hands to ensure a smooth take down. Patience is key so take your time so that you do not ruin your curl pattern and thereafter use an afro pick comb to pick your hair from the roots and get the voluminous look. Voila!! You are good to go! Just style as you desire. You can use pins to style it like I did. If you follow these tips I am sure you will get flawless curls! Please watch my braid out video here to see the tips in action. If you get to try these tips, then feel free to share a pic with me or tag me on instagram or facebook.

Till next time,

Love, Margie

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