It’s been tough rocking a wig in Nairobi due to wig snatching around the CBD area but I’m very happy that it’s all calm now. Other than security reasons, there is usually a lot of stigma associated with wigs. To be honest, I used to be the kind of girl who thought wigs and weaves were for older women exclusively. Well, I was clearly part of the problem and let’s just say I grew up/older and now I can proudly share 1o reasons why every woman should invest in at least one wig. My very first wig to wear was this afro wig and in case you missed out on how I made it, watch this video here just before I convince you why you should own one.

Watch the Afro Wig tutorial here

1. You hairline needs a break

When ladies seek advice on what to do about their breaking hairlines, I usually advice that you give the hair a break from braiding and weaving. But then this leaves them with an option they might not want to take, leaving their hair open! If you fall under this category, then investing in a good simple wig is a good solution. You can always do twist outs or plain cornrows underneath the wig as you give your hairline time to grow back. (Read more on how to take care of your hairline here)

2. You have a bad hair day.

I can’t count the number of times this afro wig has saved the day. From days I woke up to failed bantu knots to failed twist outs to frizzy hair . You can always grab your wig when you have a bad hair day and instantly transform how you look.

3. You want to chase length 

If you are a length chaser, then wigs provide the ultimate solution when it comes to low manipulation. The first time I came across the six months protective style challenge where length was the main goal, one of my favorite bloggers, Fiona stuck to using wigs and at the end of the challenge, she actually managed to retain a lot of length. Just make sure you set aside time for taking care of the hair underneath with a healthy regimen.

4. You just cut your hair 

So you cut your hair, and you are yet to embrace your new look.  There is usually awkward phase where you feel a bit ‘naked’ or cold after the big chop! I totally get it; I’ve been there. While there are tips on how you can embrace this new journey you have embarked on, wigs will always help you get by. Get yourself one as you patiently wait for the hair to grow back.

5. You want to try something new/switch up looks

Whether you have short hair or long hair, a wig will always provide versatility when you want to try different looks. It’s always impressive how Nancie Mwai can switch up her looks from bold to bolder with the wigs she wears. Wigs come in different textures, lengths and colours and therefore you can always play around with them to achieve various looks depending on the occasion.

6. You just have no time!

There are days when my schedule is tight and all I need is more time to rest and less time to get ready in the morning. If you are anticipating that you’ll get busier than usual, you can always buy yourself (or make one) a wig to reduce the time you would spend on twist outs, bantu knots and flat twists.

7. You are losing hair!

So your hair is shedding a lot and one key reason is usually because of too much manipulation. Catch that break by wigging it as you continue with your scheduled protein treatments.

8. It could also be due to medical reasons.

You might be going through a health struggle. When my mum was unwell late last year, she deliberately cut her hair because she was constantly sweating and dealing with fevers. Now that she is better, she just asked me to get her a wig as she impatiently waits for her hair to grow back. (Yes, she is very impatient and thankfully she is now healed!)

Whether you are dealing with a fever, migraines,  or any health issue, it can get to a point where you have to cut off your hair just to make it bearable. Not to mention how tough the battle against cancer is and ultimately many loose their hair (not deliberately) as they go through treatment. While the goal is to get healthy, loosing the hair can pose a big psychological challenge and affect your self-esteem, not to mention the other side effects. (Read one lady’s touching story here) A wig can come in handy in your journey towards recovery. Lots of love to all survivors out there 🙂


9. You have heat damage

One of my favorite bloggers, Sheila Ndinda, recently experienced heat damage and while she is patiently getting her hair’s health back on track, wigs have notably made it easier for her to go about her daily routine without having to worry too much. You might be in the same boat. It’s not the end of the world. Just wig it as you patiently wait for your hair to get into better health.

10. The weather is crazy for your hair

There comes a time when your hair just doesn’t like the weather conditions. It can be crazy suddenly dealing with dry hair (which is easy to break) just because the dew point is very low. Understanding the relationship between dew points and hair moisture can be very informative and helpful in knowing when to protect your hair with wigs.

That’s it guys! Do you wear wigs as a protective style? How do you care for your hair underneath? Watch out for the next post on how to take care of your hair underneath the wig. Please leave a comment below? I love hearing from you. We can also connect more via instagram where I’m active most of the time.


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Love, Margie

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